Can Dogs Be Autistic?

There has been the age old question going around the community:"Can dogs be autistic?"
The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. To answer this question, the psychology of dogs, structure of their brain and genetics need to be examined.  Psychology of humans and psychology of dogs are completely different. 
Breaking Down Psychology of the Dog
Dogs have no internal dialogue. Dogs do not have language as humans know it. Dogs primarily communicate nonverbally. Communication is through eye contact and body language. This means dogs do not hold grudges. They do not think about what a human did to them a few weeks ago after they have been rescued.  
Dogs do not learn the way humans learn. They learn by repetition. This is why when training dogs, repetition with pairing words to behaviors is important so the dogs learn what they need to learn. Dogs can learn about 150 words at most. Humans can speak many languages with thousands of words each language. Dogs have a me…

Anti Semitism in 2020

During most problems in society, the Jewish people are usually to blame by white supremacy. This is especially true now. There is no doubt that now is a racially tense time. This is the time for different minorities to band together. The Jewish community has been standing for the Black community as soon as the murder of George Floyd happened. The white supremacy community has made way for a rise in anti semitism.

The Rise of Antisemitism in 2020
They did not waste any time. The first sign of the rise of anti-Semitism was the release of this poster. This poster expresses that the idea that the Jewish people are the cause of white privilege. No doubt this poster was created to cause a rift between the Blacks and the Jews. Both groups have been oppressed for so long that they would not fall for it. 

Quackery Exposed: Toxin Removal System (TRS)

Toxic Removal System (TRS) is a spray form of chelation that is marketed to an array of medical issues and conditions. People are under the impression that since it is readily available, it is safer. This could not be further from the truth. . One google search and it will come up with thousands of results.

What is TRS?
TRS has two ingredients. They are purified water and nano zeolites. Nano zeolites (clinoptilolite zeolite) is a natural mineral made from a microporous arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra. It is used in industrial applications via ion exchange. clinoptilotie can be found in aquarium water purifier, cat litter, pool filters, live stock feed (only a small amount to keep it dry, 2% of feed), etc. These minerals bind to heavy metals and remove it from the body. It is attracted to calcium, potassium, sodium and other minerals that are essential for life. It is called nano zeolites because the particles are more concentrated. One bottle contains the equivalent of 2…

Dr. Oz launches an undercover investigation and speaks to a mom who helped expose the dark world of fake autism cures.

Dr Oz Launches Undercover Investigation

Meet The Moms Who Went Undercover And Infiltrated A Secretive Group Advertising A Shocking And Dangerous Autism Treatment.

Fake Cures Exposed: Parents Are Poisoning Their Children With Bleach To Cure Autism