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Fully Electric Vehicles are more Sensory Friendly than ICE Vehicles

About four years ago, I decided to go gas (petrol) free. It was due to the cost of constantly fueling my car due to my business. When I test drove the Nissan Leaf for the first time, it was so quiet. No background noise from a noisy engine. I often found myself in sensory overload due to driving. I could hear and feel the vibrations from the internal combustion engine. I did not realize how noisy  and shaky a gasoline powered car was before I got behind the wheel of an electric car.

When driving an ICE car, I often got a headache. I felt overwhelmed by everything around me. I was a very impatient driver. The sensory stimuli was too much.It felt like I had a pounding headache every time the automatic transmission shifted gears or there was an combustion. I had to pull over for a break very often. I was very tired and did not realize why.  I did not realize that the sensory stimuli was  the issue.

Since I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), my executive functioning is…

Info Dumping and Special Interests

Info dumping is someone telling whoever will listen everything about a special interest. I have been know to do that a lot. It happens when an autistic or shiny (ADHD) gets very excited about their special interest and tells the listener or reader about it in detail, whether they want it or not.

A special interest is also known to some as an obsession. It is a subject area where the person is hyper focused on and cannot think about anything else.

Let's look at what happened last night. I foster kittens and I am a veterinary technologist. A veterinary technologist is a veterinary nurse with a bachelors in veterinary technology. It is n equivalent to an LPN. Veterinary science is a special interest of mine.  Most of you know that but I am giving a little background information for new readers.

The head of the rescue that I foster through has a wellness day at her house once a week. I brought the four kittens and their mom after I was done with an important bleacher meeting (I will u…

Quackery Exposed: Carsinon

Carcinosin. It is breast cancer tissue. The wootrain from says it is for  (It is a long list):

Mind Symptoms:
   Addictive tendency (coffee, cigarette, chocolate, etc.)
  Ailments from nightwatching (or caring for the sick)   Ailments from suppressed anger  Ambition  Anxiety about health (of oneself and loved ones) Anxiety about time
Deep depression; suicidal depression; depression with a family history of cancer
Desire for consolation
Desire to travel Early sexual activity or drug use
Fastidious or Perfectionistic
Fear of abandonment
Fear of cancer, fear of AIDS, fear of germs,
Fear of crowds
Fear of dogs/animals, also love of animals
Fear of emotional pain
Fear of failure
Fear of heights
Fear of the medicine
Fear of narrow spaces (claustrophobia)
Feeling like I am not good enough
Feeling like there is something I have done to cause my health problems
History of abuse; history of sexual abuse
History of anorexia or bulimia
History of domination by others

Autism One's Legal Advice Debunked

Autism One: What to do about CPS Knocking on your door

This forty minute long video is a heart wrenching speech on how bad doctors and vaccines are. They also attack Child Protective Services. They use just the right language to tug at people's emotions. I am going to debunk each myth as its being said in this video.

Myth: Doctors say you cannot have religion and properly care for your child. You have to worship the State. 
You can have religious freedom when raising your child. My family for example.  We are Jewish. We are taught that we have the resources to cure any disease or illness, we just have to find it. Not vaccinating is not a religious observance. If you do not vaccinate, you are violating Jewish law. The most important thing is preserving human life.  “It is a religious precept to desecrate the Sabbath for any person afflicted with an illness that may prove dangerous; he who is zealous is praiseworthy while he who asks questions sheds blood.” (Shulhan Arukh, Orah …

You Cannot Hate Autism and Love Your Child

Autism. It is a scary word once you hear it. As a parent you are left with little to know information to go on. The doctors can do evaluations and not give you any direction. You are left with this child. Your child with a an autistic diagnosis. You are unsure of what to do. But there is something you can do. Teach your children to embrace who they are, not seeing themselves as a burden.

I came across this post on a Facebook page called "Amongst the Stars." It is by a martyr warrior mom. It really hurt my soul. Click on the photo and you will be directed to the original post.

As an autistic person, this hurt. Parenting is hard. Parenting any child is hard. Being autistic is part of who I am. It is part of all the autistic children and adults.

Functioning labels are harmful. She focuses on her child being "high functioning."  Functioning labels clearly say one person is less of a person if they are unable to speak or their executive functioning is not as advanced …

Body Autotonomy is for everyone, including children

Consent. It is a very simple concept. If you want something to happen or have done, you can give consent and that's the end of it. No harm, no foul.

What happens when you cannot give consent? The act cannot happen. At last that's how it should be. It is very often the opposite.

This is the scenario that happens way too often. We have a martyr parent annoyed or upset that their autistic child has a stim or special interest and posts online about it. They usually do this for attention. They want likes or comments to see that people agree with them and they are not objectifying thier child. What I saw today was too much and it prompted me to leave the group before I went into meltdown. I was so upset.

In one of the bad groups on my list, there as a video of a twelve year old boy in his underwear, jumping with joy. There is no way this child would be able to give consent to be recorded. There is also no possible way he could give consent for this video to be shared with thousand…

Book Review: Ball Ball Ball by Kelley Donner

Right when the article came out on NBC news website, I was contacted by Kelley Donner, a children's book author. She asked me to review her book about an autistic child and assured me it was from a supportive perspective and it really is. Something that is not seen a lot.

The main character has a special interest which is balls. Everything round he understood to be a ball. His mom was very loving and supportive. This demonstrates how parents should be of neurodivergent children. His mom explains why each round object is not a ball. The book brings the reader through a typical day with a mother and child.

At the end of the book got me. The mother was not trying to get him to "use his words." She brought him a ball, and he exclaimed "BALL!" and she understood it as "thank you." That was good enough.

This book also says subliminally that just because a child is not verbal does not mean they do not have a voice.

I highly recommend this children's boo…

Small talk: an Autistic Perspective

As most of you have guessed by now:
I blog about autistic experiences as they come up in my life.

It is common knowledge that I am a visiting veterinary technologist. I had a call for a pet ambulette service (transportation to and from the vet). The pet parent is an elderly hard of hearing lady. No she does not use ASL. That would have made things a HELL OF A LOT EASIER. Her tone of voice was right in my hearing window. In cases like today I wish it was not.

It was a half an hour from her house to the veterinary specialist I was driving her to. From the moment I picked her up, to the moment we arrived she did not stop talking. The topics ranged from her health history, how much she worried about her dog (this I can understand), her boyfriend, how much money she has and spent and many others.

I do not tell all my clients that I am autistic. I do not work for a veterinarian because we do have personality clashes. I have worked for many. This type of work pays more and is more rewarding…

Rainbows:so basic but causes such a controversy.

Rainbows. Symbol of promise. Little girls and boys love to draw them. Symbol of LGBTQ pride and even a symbol of neurodiversity when in an infinity. Why are people so up in arms about it? This was a perfect discussion during pride month and Autistic Pride day.

It all came up today when I was scrolling facebook for different things, including keeping bleachers in check. Then there was this post:

I saw this and I could not believe what I saw. I had received my first cat from this person. We lost touch after a while. I decided to defend the position. I usually save this for antivaxxers but I feel strongly about this too.

She mentioned how it was in the bible. I asked her if she worked on Saturday or ate shrimp. This is in the bible too. She did not think what I was saying was correct. I was able to cite what books they came out of. I was a bit petty so I mentioned the cat I had gotten from her.

She private messaged me. We hashed it out and I wound up educating her quite a bit. She und…

Shema Kolainu: Mothers of Children with Autism Combat Dangerous Misinformation

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They couldn't even get the details about me right. ::eye roll::

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it is possible to be disabled AND care about the planet

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be disabled and care about the planet. There are many practices that are harmful and we only have one planet. I am always getting into arguments with other people. "You cannot be an advocate for disabled people and be an advocate for this planet at the same time."

This is a myth, let me explain.

I am autistic, I am Hard of Hearing, suspected fibromaylgia and poly cystic ovarian syndrome. 

Issue #1 Straws
Not the most important one but it is one that comes up a lot. There are a lot of straws that do find its way into the ocean. Yes disabled individuals do need straws to drink. I respect that. I do have a solution. Biodegradable plastic. It does exist. It biodegrades pretty quickly. The problem is the big companies who give out the straws do not want to do what is right. I am not sure about the expense to make biodegradable straws but it seems to be an easy solution. My other suggestion is to have straws available upon request. O…

Being autistic and dealing with loss

It is common knowledge for those who know me, I did not grow up in a happy household. I was raised by a narcissistic mom and dad. I was never good enough for them. Always taught me I was the reason they were miserable. I developed a mind of my own and used going away to college to escape.

At college I met my husband by tripping on him sitting on the dorm stairs crying because his ex girlfriend really hurt him badly. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

Soon after this, he brought me to meet his mom. She looked just like him, having a friendly smile on her face. He stood next to her and said "I can see clear over the top of your head." I assume it was because he was in his 20's and he was showing off. He then looked at me. I was shorter than her. The first thing she ever said to me was "go ahead, slap him." Then she asked him,"Are you going to introduce us? I taught you better than that."

After that meeting, I never called her by her first na…

Martyr Moms are everywhere, Even orientation for Cub Scout Day Camp

Today was Cub Scout day camp orientation. The director did an amazing thing had made a form to see if anything at all triggers a scout so they know what to do and what not to do. Kudos to her.

One of the parents made a joke about "what could possibly trigger my son? This form is ridiculous." They looked at me when I called them out on it. I told them they do not know what sensory overload feels like. It is not funny.

One came out with "I have an autistic son." One if your son is autistic, good thing he wasn't with her to hear her joke like that. Comments like this are harmful. Her son will hear it and it is psychologically damaging. Imagine if her son was there and he heard this?

The other one said "I am an autistic teacher." No you are a teacher of autistic students, you are not autistic yourself. She told me to lighten up, no I will not. I am an advocate for children like theirs. This ableism needs to stop.

After this transpired, I said "I am a…

Martyr Moms and Functioning Labels.

One thing us autistics get tired of "you must be high functioning because you can type and defend autistics." I deal with this a lot but last night weighed on me.

Let me explain. There was a post in a large family group about have a medically complex child and not wanting any more kids. Come to find out her child has a rare disorder that causes her blood sugar to drop. I have a diabetic son so I gave some suggestions. I feel really bad for her because her child's endocrinologist was saying no dexcom when it has saved my son so many times in the middle of the night.

Then another commented about having a "child with autism" and she went on to having more children. This bothered me. Then I answered "As an autistic I am happy this did not stop you from having more children." Her response hit a nerve. ". . . no, you’re right, I didn’t stop, which is why I said we had more. What I said was, I did not want anymore children after we learned of his diagn…

DiversityInc: Undercover Moms Join Facebook Groups to Fight Myths About Autism

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