Corporate Ableism: Kellogg's Rice Krispies Teams with Autism Speaks

Yesterday there was a press release from Kelloggs that they teamed up with Autism Speaks to create sensory love notes so "children with autism"  can express and receive love in their own unique way during the school day. This is to expand their inclusion initiative.

Autistic children do not need  these "love notes" to express and receive love. They do every day from thier loving parents. Whether its from the things they need, the tablets they have, a special snack they get sent to school with, communication device, etc. They do not need Kelloggs to team with the leading Autism Ableist leader.

"Rice Krispies Treats believes every child needs love and support as they head back to school, developing writable wrappers in 2017 for parents and caregivers to send their children encouraging messages in their lunchbox. Last year, Rice Krispies Treats took a stand for inclusivity by partnering with the National Federation of the Blind to create accessible Love Notes in the form of Braille stickers and re-recordable audio boxes.

Instead of inclusion this sounds like inspiration porn to me. "Let's show we are inclusive and put out a press release so people can say how inspiring we are." Please. We are not to be objectified for typical people to feel good. 

"This is a beautiful way to extend our Rice Krispies Treats Love Notes and showcase the many ways to express love and support as kids return to school," said Kris Bahner, senior vice president of Global Corporate Affairs at Kellogg.  "This cause is very dear to me as a mom of a child with autism. I know firsthand that love and emotions aren't always easy for children on the spectrum to express and receive – but they need to feel it and share it as much as any other child."

It seems to be all about the typical moms and not about the autistics themselves. Nowhere does it mention how it benefits the autistic children. How do they feel about it? They do not know how we feel or how the difficulty of our emotions. 

"We are dedicated to creating a more inclusive world for people with autism and are thrilled to partner with brands like Rice Krispies Treats that share a similar commitment," said Lisa Goring, strategic initiatives and innovation officer at Autism Speaks. "With the Love Notes campaign, we hope families will have more ways to share love and support with their children as they head back to school."

By using person first language they are not being more inclusive. They are excluding us. Autism Speaks seeks to eradicate us. They are a hate group. We are constantly voicing our opinions only be be ignored. They use the hate symbol : the puzzle piece. They do not even ask what we would prefer. Autism Speaks had polls after polls about person first language vs identity first language. They did not get the result they want so they ignore us. This is very typical of them.  They would rather send our kids to ABA conversion therapy for 40 hours a week, away from society. This is the opposite of inclusion. 

The sensory Love Notes were inspired by children like S.J. Monville, a kindergarten student with autism. S.J. is relocating from a special needs school to a public school this year—a big transition for him during a season already filled with change. He will take on the new school year with love and support from his family, especially from his parents Kayla and Steele, and his grandparents.

I admit, the sensory notes are a very cool thing but choosing the hate group to represent us is disgusting. Relocating to a different school environment can be stressful. This child does not need the notes to feel love from his parents and grandparents. They are praying on a marginalized group.