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How I Became Someone's Inspiration Porn

Back in August, the scouting year started again. We had new cub scouts and now our pack is up to almost 80 scouts. That is amazing but we had to recruit new leaders. This is great.

Two of my sons are in the Bear level. This is all third grade boys and girls. There are 6 new bears so we needed a new leader to help. I met a new leader we will call A. A seemed really nice at first. I had to miss the first meeting due to bat mitzvah lessons with my daughter. Not enough time for that and to charge my car enough to go. It happens sometimes but not often.

I showed up to the den meeting late. I met her. She asked about my diabetic son's insulin pump. I told her what it was. Then I mentioned both of my sons are autistic. She then proceeded to tell me that she saw the show "The Magic Pill" on  Netflix and that the ketogenic diet would cure my sons.

Needless to say, I was seeing red. I was good. I didn't scream at her. I did not want any personal issues in scouting. It has to b…

When You See a Service Dog, Do not Judge the Handler

Today I went hiking with my service dog, Ralph. I take him to the nature preserve because its quiet and it makes me feel like I am in the middle of the woods. I have taken him many times before. I have have had negative comments about Ralph until today. Its not like I do not clean up after him. I have a dog bag dispenser on my camelbak just for our hikes and they have garbage cans.

I am trying to get into shape but going by myself is near impossible without sever anxiety and C-PTSD taking over. This is a way I stay independent without pushing my husband to come with me. I want to respect his boundaries since I grew up with no boundaries.

We started off our hike as normal. Ralph stayed by me. It was cool out with a strong breeze. It was perfect. There were plenty of birds and fireflies flying around us.

I did not break a sweat until we reached the tower. This was a major accomplishment for me! I was really happy about that. We took a five minute break at the tower. I was not running o…

Interview by The Body of Evidence Podcast - Campaign Against Phony Autism Cures

Chris and Jonathan speak to Anne Borden, Amanda Seigler, and Melissa Eaton who are campaigning against phony autism cures.
0:55 Alternative treatments for autism and why they exist 3:28 Going undercover on Facebook 5:00 MMS or the bleach cure 11:00 The pushback against activism 12:31 How social media companies have responded 14:10 Chelation therapy 23:45 Pro-science celebrities 26:00 Special diets 27:40 The medical community and applied behaviour analysis (ABA) 34:24 Humane interventions for autism

Quackery exposed: stem cell therapy

Stem Cells. This is a quack cure that is not talked about as much as it should be. Stem cell therapy and research only valid for the treatments of blood and bone marrow cancer. That is it. But the quack peddlers are pushing it for autism. Yes you read this right.

While hiking with my dog today, I was sent this:

You read this right. This parent is taking their child to Panama and subjection their child to stem cell therapy to try to cure autism. This is very dangerous.

Read the FDA Warning:

"Safety Concerns for Unproven Stem Cell Treatments All medical treatments have benefits and risks. But unproven stem cell therapies can be particularly unsafe. For instance, attendees at a 2016 FDA public workshop discussed several cases of severe adverse events. One patient became blind due to an injection of stem cells into the eye. Another patient received a spinal cord injection that caused the growth of a spinal tumor. Other potential safety concerns for unproven treatments include: Administr…

My Adventures with Children's Services. They are not as evil as people make them out to be

So we had a bad start with my almost 9 year old son's teacher. He has OCD, is autistic. He is not eligible for specialized classes because he is not "autistic enough." His teacher said she would not read the 504 until the second week of classes. We did get that addressed. I mention that to give a bit of background.

No phone calls, no emails from the teacher so I assume everything is fine. Earlier this week, I got a phone call from the guidance counselor. He said that my son had an odor to him when he takes a shower every morning. We try to give our kids a certain level of privacy. I am big on boundaries because of how I grew up. The next day, I had my husband sit in the bathroom with him. My husband saw exactly what he was doing wrong and prompted him to wash up effectively.

On the way to school that day, he did spill a little pediasure on him. For those who do not know, pediasure is a nutritional drink designed to help kids gain weight. He is little, only 40 pounds. I s…

Autistic Burnout after Going Public

Ever since the NBC article has been released, I became public about my bleacher hunting. I have done more as a result. I was at a fast pace and I felt empowered. I was being more public about my efforts. People have been reaching out to me to ask my opinion or my advice. I felt like I mattered. First time in a long time.

Then we were called for the Dr. Oz show. I was skeptical because of the pseudoscience he pushes. I made the decision because his audience needs to hear what we have to say.  It turned out that he did the segment beautifully, aside from a few comments he made. No one is perfect.

There have been more bleachers coming out of the woodwork since all of this took place. I had to get my photos organized into albums. This way I can keep the child abusers straight. Telegram has made sure to give them a place to communicate about their abuse. What did it was Facebook limiting the reach of my page I use to spread the message.

After seeing all this depravity, being silenced and d…

Saying "I hate autism" is Harmful to Autistic People

"I hate autism." To the neurotypical community it seems to be a harmless statement. I hear and see parents say this often. It shakes me to the core. To an autistic and a parent of autistics, its very offensive. I have several reasons for this statement.

The belief that I need to change to benefit Society. When I hear "I hate autism," I hear "I hate autistics." Autism is a huge part of  my personality and my children's being. We would not be ourselves if we were not autistic. It is thought that our greatest minds were autistic. Without the autistic mind, great advances would not have happened. We are fine just the way we are. Elon Musk is one fine example. The belief that we need to change is what inspired ABA to begin with. ABA aims to change the child to appear not autistic.

When we hear "I hate autism," we hear that typicals hate us. We are just trying to live our lives the best we can. We do not need to hear the tragedy narrative when we ar…

Autistic History: Autism Society of America

The Autism Society of America was established in 1986 by Bernard Rimland, Ivar Lovaas, Ruth Sullivan and a small group of parents of autistic children. Two of those names should sound familar. Bernard Rimland was the creator of the DAN protocol and Ivar Lovaas was the creator of ABA and Conversion Therapy. That should say enough about the organization.

The organization is located in Bethesda, Maryland. They say they have autistic members on thier board of directors and in leadership positions. Temple Grandin was the first member elected autistic in 1988.

The name when it was founded was the National Society for Autistic Children. The name was change to signify that autistic children do grow up. The goal of ASA was to increase awareness about autism and the day to day issues autistic people and their families face. This organization promotes pseudoscience. They pushed the denial of vaccines and inhumane treatments. These treatments include beating and shocking with cattle prods to nam…

The Bleach Queen has Lost Her Mind!

Everyone knows the bleach queen, Kerri Rivera. She pushes parents to administer chlorine dioxide or MMS to their children to try to cure autism. We all know it is harmful. Its based on the premise that autism is caused by the rope worm parasites and that what is being shed is the parasite. Not what is really being shed, the lining of the intestines.

I am on her Telegram groups undercover and one thing she said on the group made me chuckle. She said that parasites do not cause autism! That is the whole point of her protocol.She either got hacked or is losing her mind. Hopefully this is where she messes up. The screen shot is below! Enjoy!

Bleacher Exposed: Robertas Butkus

We have a new bleacher. This time he is located in a town called Vilnius, Lithuania.

He has his child on the Ketogenic diet. It is medically sound for very few circumstances but never in children. He then finds blood in his child's urine.

Then he continues to ask Kerri if he should continue the protocol. Not a doctor who has experience and expertise in medicine. Having a type one diabetic son myself, I know how dangerous ketones in the urine can be. This is an effect of the keto diet and can cause the child to go into ketoacidosis.

At least the Bleach Queen tells him to take his child to the doctor. Only thing she did right here. Then in the same breath he complains that he cannot administer an enema at the hospital. He is more concerned with this child being typical than his physical and mental well being. 

We have located the hospital where this child is at and they have been contacted. That is all we can do for right now.

UPDATE 10/11/2019

He is back home with this little boy.…

First Time I Ever Saw a Sensory Room

After a good friend of mine showed me a photo of the night sky ceiling she is painting for her autistic son and other people were telling me how they turned their rooms into sensory rooms, it triggered a memory. This time it was a good one. I promise.

Before I even suspected I might be autistic,  I moved to Upstate New York and started working for Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) in Plattsburgh, NY. . I was direct support staff for 13 disabled adults. Most of the residents shared a room with one other person, some had their own room. But one room in that house was the sensory room.

It was a room where the lights were out but there was a black light. There were light up wall pictures of waterfalls, a ball pit. a couch, light tubes that stood up vertically, fuzzy balls, squishy balls, weighted blankets, soft music, sensory swing, etc. I spent all downtime in that room, even though it wasn't much. I felt an overwhelming sensation of calm. I could not put my finger on it. I can fee…

The Blue Pumpkin and Why I will Never Get One for my Children

With Halloween coming up, the blue pumpkin project has surfaced online. The blue pumpkin is to make the autistic children stand out so people know that the child may not be able to say "trick or treat." It seems innocent enough but the autistic community as a whole is against this.

Blue for autism was started by Autism Speaks. The blue signifies that it is a boy's disability. They control the tragedy narrative that we are working so hard to fight. They encourage parents to grieve the child they thought they were going to have. They are still the same child .

We are a Jewish family. I never hide this fact. Holocaust education is very important, even more so as an Autistic Jew. After going through my photos of the March of the Living, a Holocaust trip I took as a child, the parallel of the Jude star came through my mind. It may seem extreme. The blue pumpkin is meant to label every autistic child as autistic. It makes them stand out.  The Jude star labeled every Jewish pe…

Anlysis of Autism Cares Act of 2019

Autism Cares Act was formally called Combatting Autism Act. Advocates such as myself, protested that name so they changed the name. It was a renewal of the act from 2014. I will take it apart, peice by peice. Original text will be in italics.

A BILL To amend the Public Health Service Act to enhance activities of the National Institutes of Health with respect to research on autism spectrum disorder and enhance programs relating to autism, and for other purposes.
This is to change the Public Health Service Act to improve actions of the NIH with research and programs. Research always means finding a cure. Keep this in mind. 
Section 1.Short title This Act may be cited as the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education, and Support Act of 2019 or the Autism CARES Act of 2019. The title is listed. The Autism Cares Act stands for Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Educate and Support Act of 2019.
Sec 2. Expansion, intensification, and coordination of activities of the…