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Quackery Exposed: Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet

Disclaimer: If you have a legitimate medical condition or allergy that prohibits you from eating casein or gluten, this is not directed at you. This is about the restrictive diet marketed to parents of autistic children.

Gluten Free, Casein free diet is a restrictive diets that pseudoscience says will "make autism better." To me it says they want to make children appear neurotypical. It is often called GF/CF diet. In this restrictive diet, foods that contain gluten (breads and cereals) and casein (dairy products) are eliminated. They claim that eliminating gluten and casein may help lessen autistic behaviors and difficulty with autistic people. You cannot change neurology by changing the child or adult's diet to being more restrictive!

Organizations that Support this Quack Diet:Autism Speaks explains it in their 100 Day Kit TACA Autism Hope Alliance
The Quack Diet

There have not been one scientific study proving the effectiveness of this. This is the neurotypicals trying to …

Child Abuse: EXPOSED! Marrissa Donnell

Autistic Adults do have empathy. Raw Emotions of an autistic reporter.

As I write this, I am processing yet another report on child abuse. People look at me and think I am such a strong person for reporting abuse. It affects me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Every time I see a mother worried about her child because they are having side effects from MMS bleach or another child shedding lining of his intestines due to being given unregulated chelation substances. Both are very dangerous and FDA has issued warnings against.

Today, I came across a lady who was giving chelating agents to her son. This is a substance that is easily gotten on the internet. Almost no effort for something so dangerous. She was bragging that her son was shedding lining in his diaper. Not for a moment did she ever think about what she was doing to her child.

Let me walk you through what I go through when I make a CPS call to protect the children whose parents, who are supposed to protect them, poison them instead. Instead of listening to medical professionals, they listen to strangers on the …

Autistic History: Autism Hope Alliance

Autism Hope Alliance is a Florida based charity that has been established in 2008. It was founded by Tom Bohager. He holds a bachelors degree in holistic nutrition. He has written two books. They are Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes and Enzymes: What the Experts Know.

Since the Organization's Inception, they have been involved with over 30,000 families. They promote "alternative treatments" for autistic children.

They push quack diets, such as Gluten Free and Casin Free diets, MAPS, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, detoxification, chelation and many other quack treatments. They do not outwardly promote MMS but they do everything else. It would not surprise me if they did.

They partner up with different food companies and call the foods "autism approved." They brag that they are the first charity to successfully enter the natural foods industry. I do not think my autism approved any of these foods. That's only if we can say it is separate from myself, w…

One Autistic Scout Defying other Leaders Doubts

My son who is 10 years old is autistic and has been a scout since he was six years old. He was semi verbal until he was really involved with scouts. Most of my readers know I sing the praises of Boy Scouts of America for autistic children.

This past weekend was an event called Scout Advancement Weekend (SAW). This was for Weblos, Arrow of Lights and Scouts BSA to earn pins or merit badges in one weekend. It includes camping with other units from the council.

When signing up for this event last month, one leader who is our advancement chair, did not want my son to go to SAW. Her reasoning was that he might get upset and no one would know how to calm him. I was there with my girl's troop. I was the next camp site over and I had to stop over to give him his medication twice a day. The committee chair was not worried at all. I sent him to prove of all the nay sayers wrong and I am so glad I did.

I was the typical nervous cub mom. I never had my kids camping without me. I was always t…

Strong Overwhelming feelings in autistics

When really strong and overwhelming feelings happen, it can be extremely overwhelming, especially for autistic people. I will explain what happened to me today. Its nothing bad, I promise.

Today I had a meeting with our Rabbi and Cantor. Three of our children came to us later in life. They are my husbands siblings. His sister who is 13 is being bat mitzvahed next month. The three siblings have to be officially converted before the bat mitzvah.

This meeting was to explain to all the kids about what was going to happen. This ritual is called a Mikvah. It is a Jewish ritual bath. It has to be done in free flowing water. What better place than the beach in South Florida?

After all the kids got their giggles out, the Rabbi shows the kids a shofar. A shofar is a rams horn that has the tip cut off so it can be blown. It has a deep, loud sound.  Its used during high holy days. He has them close their eyes while he holds it.

Then he caught my youngest bio son opening his eyes before Rabbi was…