Problematic Organization: Autism Hope Alliance

Autism Hope Alliance is a Florida based charity that has been established in 2008. It was founded by Tom Bohager. He holds a bachelors degree in holistic nutrition. He has written two books. They are Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes and Enzymes: What the Experts Know.

Since the Organization's Inception, they have been involved with over 30,000 families. They promote "alternative treatments" for autistic children.

They push quack diets, such as Gluten Free and Casin Free diets, MAPS, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, detoxification, chelation and many other quack treatments. They do not outwardly promote MMS but they do everything else. It would not surprise me if they did.

They partner up with different food companies and call the foods "autism approved." They brag that they are the first charity to successfully enter the natural foods industry. I do not think my autism approved any of these foods. That's only if we can say it is separate from myself, which it is not. Restricting foods does not make anyone any "less autistic." The premise of this idea is ridiculous. We just want to eat what we like, baring any type of intolerance or allergy.

The list of partners will tell you all you need to know about what their mission is. Personally, I buy NOTHING on this list. Their partners can be found here so you know who to avoid:

Not only are they pushing all these harmful treatments BUT they are also working with JB Handley. My friend Eve created this video explaining it:

This organization does not have much publicity. This is what makes them so dangerous. Please do not fall for their tactics. Stay far away. If you want to learn how to help autistic people, ask autistic people.


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