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Recommended: Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy. What is it? It is the use of horseback riding as a therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment, especially as a means of improving coordination, balance, and strength. It uses occupational, speech and physical therapy activities while on horseback.  
Hippotherapy is an evidence based practice and clinical reasoning in the purposefulmanipulation of horse movement as a therapy tool to engage sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems to promote functional outcomes. 
All hippotherapists are either occupational, physical or speech therapists. They integrate hippotherapy into the plan of care in addition to the other therapies the client may receive. 
Why therapy with the horse? A horse walks an average of 100 steps per minute. Five minutes on a walking horse provides 500 neuro motor inputs to the client. In a therapy session, there is 15-25 minues of horse movement that is incorporated into therapy. This is 1500-2500 neuromotor inputs! 
Hippotherapy must be done in conjunction with …

Quackery Exposed: The Nemechek Protocol

Overview of the Protocol and History Everyone has heard of it but no one knows what it is. Here it is explained. The Nemechek Protocol was developed by Dr. Patrick Nemechek from Nemechek Consultative Medicine. He is an internal medicine doctor. He claims to be an expert in the Autonomic Nervous system. It is their belief that autistic people and people with other developmental disabilities are lacking autonomic nervous system function. He says "I can explain the underlying cause of most diseases in just 13 words: 'the failure of our brains sets into motion the failure of our bodies.'"

According to this protocol, it rehabilitates the brain by targeting the autonomic function of the brain. It is supposed to strengthen the immune system by supporting the body's ability to control inflammation.

The protocol is made up for four components:

He believes by restoring the equilateral in the body that the "symptoms" of the "d…

Quackery Exposed: Simple Spectrum Supplement

Simple Spectrum Supplement is a gummy vitamin with Acetyl-l-carnitine, Choline, Coenzyme Q10, Inositol, MSM. MTHF, NAC, Larch Arabinogalactan, Bioperine, and HydroCurc.  These ingredients will be explained. It will be shown why they should not be given to children. Any person should not have a supplement unless they know their body is deficient of that particular nutrient or mineral. Having too much of a nutrient or mineral can be just as dangerous as not having enough.

One red flag was they are supported by Autism Hope Alliance and TACA

I started by asking the seller on their Facebook page to explain why. 

After asking these questions, they private messaged me. I think they did not want our conversation to be for public view. That's what screen shots are for! I asked basic components of a research study. 

They blocked me. I do not think they were amused. The "study" they linked me to was this:
It is not a real study report. There are many missing parts. Anyone who has been…

The divide between #actallyautistic Activists Should Not Be. We Are All On the Same Team.

When you talk with or read content from an autistic activist or advocate, the content is usually about the same. We pick our specialty, not all specialties are the same but they do overlap. We want acceptance, not to be poisoned and treated like a human. Everyone's content is a little different but the goals are all the same.  Not a hard concept, right? You would think.

Now we have too many advocates acting like they are against each other. We really shouldn't be. We are all fighting for the same thing. We all want the same goal. We should all be a family, but we are not. 
It does not matter how much or how little you contribute. You contribute something. Your contribution is valid. You are valuable to the cause of Autistic Civil Rights. Do not let anyone tell you that you do not matter. If its educating people online the dangers of being anti vax, mms, chelation and other unhealthy behaviors.You are valuable.  I thank you. 
It does not matter if you report or not. People will r…

Autistic History: Autism Genetic Resource Exchange

The Autism Resource Exchange (ARGE) is a open gene bank with a large collection of DNA samples from families with more than one autistic child.  There is data from over 2000 families.

Standardization, collaboration and data sharing are the three key guiding principles of AGRE. It is focused on the rapid accumulation of high quality data from a large number of families. This is critical for molecular genetic research of complex diseases. They include autism in this but we know autism is not a disease. All the data and biomaterial  are made available to qualified researchers around the world when the data is processed. There are 335 active researches from 21 countries who have used AGRE to publish 169 scientific papers, "making it the most widely accessed resource for genetic studies of any mental disorder." Autism is not a mental disorder.

The sample is not population based. There is a sample biased towards the recruitment of families with more than one autistic person in th…

Autistics are Not Your Inspiration

It is no secret that my family and I are involved in Boy Scouts of America. Last night there was a business meeting that I thought I had to attend because I am the scout master of a girls troop and my husband went because he is the cub master for a cub scout pack.

It was nothing like we expected. We were not sure what to expect. It was in a reception hall, above a bank. There were decorations on the stairs. They were very rustic and scout like. They were mason jars with each point of the scout law. I thought it was a nice touch.
We got there a few minutes late due to traffic. In South Florida, the snow birds are down here so there are a lot more cars on the road. Not complaining but explaining why. 
When we signed in, the room was packed. There was one seat available. My husband let me take the seat since I was working all day. It was like a reception. People talking and applauding. They were speaking about how well the council did. I agree. 
This is when sensory overload started but…

Autistic History: Autism Science Foundation

Autism Science Foundation (ASF) is a non profit organization that supports research into autism. ASF was started in April of 2009 by Allison Singer. She was a prior senior executive of Autism Speaks. She was also a member of of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (post coming later). Her cofounder was Karen Margulis London. Margulis was also the co founder of the National Alliance for Autism Research(NAAR) (post coming later). Both Singer and London are parents of autistic children.

ASF was a created as a result of a split from Autism Speaks. At the time, Autism Speaks had vaccine research a high priority. This priority raised concerns with parents and researchers.

Alison Singer, who was senior executive at the time, resigned in January 2009. She did this so she would not have to vote for committing money to new research studies in vaccines and autism. The US  Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee voted against funding.

"There isn't an unlimited pot of money, a…