Autistic History: Roby Mitchell

I am sure most of you have never heard of Roby Mitchell but now you will know who he is. Roby Michell is responsible for the billboards in Amarillo, Texas. He is currently providing the fees to keep these billboards up. He is a former physician located where the billboards are.

He is a former physician because he was ordered to stop practicing medicine by the Texas Review Board. The order has nothing to do with autism, but I am sure the autistic community is thankful for it.

Roby Mitchell was treating a cancer patient. He prescribed the patients blood be injected into a pregnant cow's udder and then the patient drink milk from that same udder. This is according to the Texas Medical Board.  The patient passed away in hospice before drinking any of this milk.

The Texas Medical Board issued a cease and desist order to Roby Mitchell that forbids him from practicing medicine in any capacity.

In May of 2005, the board revoked his medical license because he failed to comply with the order.

In April of 2011, Michell prescribed the same treatment for a patient with metastatic melanoma. He misrepresented himself as an oncologist. He called the treatment "colustrum bovine treatment."

Click on each image to see the medical license revocation and institutional permit revocation

Today he is concentrating on promoting Kerri Rivera's quackery. His supplements are part of the CD Protocol. He was issued a warning from the FDA.

We have videos like this. He still promotes quackery and putting lives at risk.

He has active websites and social media pages promoting quackery and putting lives at risk. He is very dangerous. There is a reason he had his medical licenses revoked.

He is currently driving this car off the backs of autistics everywhere



  1. I reported some of the crap on his Facebook pages. I'd say it is doubtful he believes some of the pseudoscience he posts which would mean he knowingly harms folks for the bucks and possibly the lols.
    He definitely needs to be jailed.


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