My Official Reaction to Autism Speaks Rebranding

A few days ago, Autism Speaks made the announcement of a logo change and rebranding. The change is adding some magenta and pink to the puzzle piece. They have all the letters lowercase. They call 2020 the year of kindness.

"We're dedicated to promoting solutions for the needs of people with autism and their families. Let's make 2020 the Year of Kindness. Will you join us in pledging to create a kinder world this year? "

Autism Speaks says this while telling the viewer on the website that they can "triple your impact" with donations. Still asking for money for this. 

Nothing has changed. They are still looking for solutions for us. We are not a puzzle that needs to be solved. We are people that need to be accepted. We correct them about identity-first language constantly. They hold polls showing that we prefer it and then delete the polls when they do not get the results they want.

They coopt our culture. Autism is not about allistic family members and finding a cure. It is about autistic people and our treatment in this world. Their #bekind initiative is to tone police autistic people who have had enough. We say how we have been mistreated by them and they tell us we are not being kind in our message. We have had enough. They have not changed a damned thing.

Image result for bisexual flag
The bisexual flag. Take a look how similar the logo is to the bisexual flag. 70% of autistics are LGBTQ+. Co opting our culture this way too!

Autistic self advocates are here to stay and we are not fooled. I would rather use their logo for target practice until they LISTEN TO AUTISTICS.