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Quack Exposed: Candyce Estave

Candyce Estave is an advocate and activist for biomedical treatment on children. She was never a medical professional.  She grew up in Wyoming and moved to California in 1985. She worked as a bartender and moved up to management. She learned how to be a business promoter. 
In 2002, she met Ed Estave and got married. They had a son in 2003 and a daughter in 2005. Their son was diagnosed as autistic at age 4. She sought help from the Autism Society of Santa Barbara. This is where she attended her first support group. 
Estave made it her mission to "help" parents "facing the same difficulty" locating services. She became the Autism Society of Santa Barbara's North County Coordinator. She hosted regular group meetings in her home, scheduling parent training and building a network of supportive professionals. She is still not a medical professional. 
Estave organized the Autism Society of Santa Barbara's Autism Awareness Fair. In 2009 she was appointed to the board…

Quack Exposed: Norma Erickson

Norma Erickson is a freelance writer and an independent business consultant. She is not a medical professional. She has been an anti-HPV vaccine activist for over 10 years. She has published many articles. She says she advocates for informed choice and medical consumer protection.

In 2010, Erickson established SaneVax, Inc. This was a "direct response to the worldwide devastation left in the wake of the HPV vaccination programs." She is currently the president of this organization. She claims that she values facts and honest research. She said she made discoveries during her research that led directly to the concept and creation of SaneVax. This organization is "dedicated to creating a world where only safe, affordable, necessary and effective vaccines are allowed." This organization spreads misinformation about the life-saving HPV vaccine.

She has not been silent about her perceived dangers of this vaccine. She has even written a letter to the FDA stating that th…

Quack Exposed: Eric C Epstein

Eric Epstein is a chiropractor located in Louisville, Kentucky. HE graduated with honors in 1996 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Epstein completed his post-graduate studies at Palmer College in 2005. He earned a certificate in pediatric chiropractic.

Epstein ran his own chiropractor clinic from 1996-2015. He was a teacher of Anatomy and Physiology at the Louisville School of Massage from 2007-2014. He currently works at Kentuckiana Children's Center in Louisville. He has been practicing his quackery for over 24 years. He currently affiliated with no hospitals.

Epstein is currently on the International Chiropractic Association Council in Pediatrics, Kentucky Association of Chiropractors, and Toast Masters. He was on Kentuckiana Children's Center Board of Directors from 2000-2014.

Epstein believes that more children with "complex diagnosis" should be treated by chiropractors. He wrote an editorial for the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediat…

Quack Exposed: Dr. Michael W. Elice

Dr. Michael Elice is a board-certified pediatrician who claims to treat autistic people, mitochondrial disorders, PANDAS, immune and metabolic dysregulation. This treatment is based on the theory that autism and related conditions are complex neurodevelopmental disorders with genetic, biochemical and immunological origins. This makes them to be autoimmune disorders. Autism is not an autoimmune disease. An example of an autoimmune disease is type one diabetes.

Elice has treated autistic children, their siblings, parents, and other relatives. He claimes they "suffer from" genetically based autoimmune disorders. Elice is part of the board for New York Families of Autistic Children, National Autism Society and is a MAPS physician.

Elice has lectured at MAPS, Autism Research Institute (ARI) Conference, Autism One and local SEPTA (Special Ed PTA) and school conferences. He also participates in TV and web interviews. He contributes to "Cutting Edge Therapies in Autism" a…

Interview with Aut-ish on Discourse, Pseudoscience and Scouting

Quack Exposed: Melissa Easton

Melissa Easton is a holistic health practitioner. She is also the mother of two autistic children who she believes to be vaccine injured. Her sons were diagnosed in 2016. As soon as this happened, she started researching "natural healing options to help recover them."

She had the idea that parents who wanted to recover their children from autism needed a place where they can congregate with other likeminded parents in a safe, judgment-free environment that could be a sanctuary to complain about the "burden" of raising an autistic child. She wanted this to be a resource for learning about how to help children recover naturally and affordably. She wanted to make quackery affordable.

She started the group on Facebook Healing Kids Biomedically on Facebook in 2017. In 2019, she started her website where she shares about the different forms of quackery she inflicted on her sons. This site has been shut down and uses the domain to sell Voxx Life quac…

Quack Myth: Lyme Disease causes Autism

The view of the Lyme-Induced Autism Foundation (LIAF) is that it induces autism in children. They claimed that up to 90% of autistic children are infected with Borrelia. There is no peer viewed studies that support this claim. 

According to the American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF), having an ELISA or Western Blot blood test is not proof of an active infection. It only indicates the presence of antibodies that can be the result of past infection with Borrelia burdoferi, which is the causative agent of Lyme Disease. These antibodies may be present at low levels for months or years after the active infection has been cured with antibiotics. In some people, the ELISA or Western Blot positive tests is due to a nonspecific cross-reaction. 

According to the ALDF, there are serious issues with the laboratory tests LIAF performed to support their claim. 

The tests are of low quality. The data have never been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. This alone lowers credibility.There h…

Quack Exposed: Tami Duncan

Tami Duncan is the mother of two children. For twelve years she had tried different biomedical treatments and therapies. She had suffered from Lyme disease. She thinks she awakened her own "spiritual gifts." She started to think she is a spiritual healer after taking one reiki class. She says she can communicate with autistic children telepathically.

Duncan founded the not for profit Lyme Induced Autism. This is based on the belief that Lyme disease causes autism. This organization is no longer active. According to the American Lyme Disease Foundation, it does not. A full explanation can be found here.

In 2009, she became a "student of the universe." She trained in reiki, vibrational healing, shamanic techniques, multidimensional frequencies, Garcia energetics, mediumship, channeling, essential oils, flower essences, telepathic communication any many more. She says all of these techniques are given to her through spiritual guidance.

In April of 2015, she started t…

Quack Exposed: Kathleen DiChiara, FDN FDN

Kathleen DiChiara is a functional nutrition practitioner, certified integrative health & nutrition coach and bio-individual nutrition practitioner. She has special training in biochemistry and restrictive diets (GAPS and Gluten-Free/Casein-Free) designed for autistic people, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic conditions. Her clinical work focuses on the microbiome (gut), functional nutrition and immunological reactions involved in food allergies and intolerances.

DiChiara is a raw food chef and is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D.

Dichiara's son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, which was part of the autism spectrum. It is now all diagnosed as autism. She claims to have "healed" her son through nutrition (GAPS and Gluten-Free/Casein-Free).

She says she suffered from fibromyalgia, severe degenerative arthritis, chronic pain syndrome, and other ailments.

She made it her personal mission…

Quack Exposed: Richard Deth

Richard Deth started working for Nova Southeastern University in September of 2014. Deth is a professor in pharmacology. He earned his bachelor's in Pharmacology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacology in Mimi, Florida. He is not a clinician and is not authorized to give medical advice.

His research interests are focused on the role of oxidative stress and impaired methylation reactions in neurodevelopmental, neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. His current work is focused on autism "helping to understand the factors contributing to the current autism epidemic."

This includes investigations of the status of the antioxidant glutathione and vitamin B12. This includes the influence of morphine and gluten/casein derived opiate peptides on glutathione and methylation status.

Deth believes that the brain is vulnerable to toxins. The development of the brain takes place where antioxidants are very scarce. The brain uses …

Quack Exposed: Senta Depuydt

Senta Depuydt is a Belgian journalist, coach, and organizer of the congress "Sortir de L'Autisme" and the mother of an autistic child with low support needs. Sotir de L'Autisme is the first European Congress on biomedical treatments in Paris and hosted debates on the biology of autism and vaccine safety in numerous French Speaking Countries.

Depuydt is responsible for the premier if Vaxxed in Brussels, Paris, and Cannes as well as an event at UNESCO. She is a board member of the French League of Free Choice in Vaccination and in the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance. She also collaborates with the health freedom organizations across Europe. Depuydt graduated in Communications at the Catholic University of Louvain in 1992.

She believes intensive management of medical problems underlying autism, her son regained health, speech is normal and has a normal life. Ever since this perceived recovery, she spreads misinformation about autism.

Depuydt firmly believes there …

Quack Myth Exposed: Vaccines are Unsafe and Unnecessary

There has been a lot of talk about people believing that vaccines are not safe or necessary. There is also a belief that vaccines cause autism.  This could not be further from the truth. The United States' Center for Disease Control has a long-running vaccine safety program and closely monitors the safety of vaccines. Part of the program identifies possible side effects and conducts studies to determine the health problems that could be caused by vaccines.

Scientists ensure the safety of vaccines by conducting the following types of studies"

Clinical trials are studies conducted before a vaccine is made available. These studies are carried out by vaccine manufacturers and help the FDA make decisions about if it is safe, effective and ready to be licensed for use. Studies, after it is licensed, are conducted after a vaccine is approved by the FDA and made available to the public. These studies continue to monitor vaccine safety and often include groups that are often und…

Quack Exposed: Dr. Billy DeMoss

Billy Demoss is a chiropractor at his practice DeMoss Chiropractic. His practice is located in Newport Beach, California. He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1985. He is certified in Chiropractic Spinal Trauma and BioPhysics. He has been in practice for 26 years. He is a public speaker about chiropractic.

Demoss is the founder of the Dead Chiropractic Society (DCS). They are in a coalition of South California chiropractors who meet to discuss chiropractic philosophy. In 2008, he expanded DCS by founding California Jam, a music party for chiropractors.

DeMoss has been a speaker at Autism One before. His talk is "Balancing the Neurological System with Chiropractic." He states "I have been pushing the anti-vax thing for so long."

"The problem with these pro vaxxers is that they haven't done any research. They have not even read the insert pack." Has he been with every appointment with everyone who has vaccinated their children in th…

Quackery Exposed: All Star Probiotics

There is a company called All-Star Nutrition that markets pro and prebiotics to treat autism. This is what they say:

"We don't listen to so-called experts that tell us there's nothing we can do to help our kids. We are parents who never give up. we are motivated by helping our kids reach their potential and will do whatever it takes to help them.
"Because we're fighting against large food and chemical companies, we do things differently. We do things smarter. We pull techniques from other industries and disciplines. We sacrifice. We use nutrition and supplements to provide the foundation our children need to reach their potential. We do the hard things that others aren't willing to do.
"If you talk with your doctor or look in traditional textbooks, they'd tell you what we're doing is impossible. Yet it's happening. Every single day."

To those of us who are aware, this is the same hype that most quackery uses. They think they know better…

Quackery Myth: Safety of HPV Vaccine

Myths: HPV Vaccine is not safe.  Fact: The HPV vaccine is safe and doesn't contribute to any serious health issues. Any vaccine or medication can cause mild reactions. The most common is pain or redness at the injection site. Other typical side effects are : 1. low-grade fever 2. headache or feeling tired 3. nausea 4. muscle or joint pain
All of these effects are temporary. 
The vaccine itself has been researched for many years, including 10 years of research before it could be used in humans. It is highly monitored but the FDA. Vaccines in the US have never been safer because it has strict standards from the FDA.
HPV Vaccine Can Lead to Infertility Fact: Claims of HPV vaccine-induced infertility due to premature ovarian failure are anecdotal and not back by any clinical trials or studies. A recent study of over 200,000 women found no link between the HPV vaccine and premature ovarian failure. The HPV vaccine can help protect infertility by preventing gynecological problems relat…

Quack Exposed: Monica Leon del Rio

Monica Leon del Rio is a  Colombian attorney and a mother of a girl that was sick after the HPV vaccine. She became a central figure in the legal battles around the issue in Columbia. She vowed to fight for her daughter Alejandra, and the other girls like her, to get her help. She took on numerous cases if suspected vaccine injuries from El Carmen d Bolivar.

In November 2014, Rio represented a 15-year-old girl from El Caren de Bolivar. Rio won a judgment from the Constitutional Court. She advocates for no HPV vaccine mandate. She is currently perusing a class action suit against the manufacturer. This class action lawsuit is in Japan.  She  the chairperson of "Rebuilding Hope Association HPV Vaccine Victims."

She has spoken at the International Symposium in Japan, advocating against this vaccine.

Challenged by an Award-Winning Medical Researcher
An HPV vaccine advocate Dr Munos repeatedly called her out for her legal efforts. He said that she was being an antivaccine activi…

Quackery Exposed: Raw Camel's Milk

Claims About Raw Camel Milk: Camel's milk should be used along with the help of a trained physician. It is used as medicine. Only a few drops or a teaspoon to begin with. They say it can overstimulate the immune system if used too heavily or too quickly. The probiotic strains can cause similar changes and increasing benefits that are similar to increasing any good bacteria and giving good quality probiotics. 
Benefits of Raw Camel Milk are: may reverse allergiesmay increase words and speechhelp balance the GI tractcalmer moodsweight gainreduces acid refluxincreases empathy Claims that children who are autistic have co-infections, or comorbid symptoms, such as mold biotoxins, Lyme disease, and compromised immune systems. 
FDA warns against Raw Camel's Milk A Saudi businessman that runs a California based raw milk network has been making illegal claims that raw camel milk has therapeutic benefits for autism, tuberculosis, chronic disease, allergies, and diabetes.  This claim is …

Quack Exposed: Dr. Jodie A Dashore

Jodie Dashore is a clinician in autism, biotoxin illness/chronic inflammatory response syndrome, and Lyme disease. She is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and a Lyme Naturopathic Clinician. She uses "all-natural protocols for helping patients with chronic and treatment-resistant Lyme Disease." She says all her approaches are "plant-based biological approaches." She currently works with people in 25 different countries around the world. She works through her clinic Bionexus Health. She founded it in 2009 and it is located in Marlboro, New Jersey.

Her treatments include:

clinical herbalismhomeopathyhomeopathic toxicologydiureticsbiologicalbiomedical

Dashore received her Ph.D. in integrative medicine. Her thesis focus was on medical herbalism for autism. She has a doctorate in Occupational Therapy specializing in neurology with a focus on traumatic brain injury and stroke. She has a post-doctorate in advanced neurosensory inte…

Quack Exposed: Paul Connett

Paul Connett is a British anti-water fluoridation activist. He is the executive director of Flouride Action Network (FAN), located in Binghampton, New York. It is one of the largest organizations that oppose water fluoridation in the world.
Connett started activism in 1968. He volunteered for Eugen McCarthy's presidential campaign. He met Allard Loweenstien there. The pair founded the American Committee to Keep Biafra Alive. This was in response to the famine caused by the Biafran War.

In 1971, Connett co-founded Operation Omega, a non-violent group taking humanitarian aid to East Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation war.

He graduated from Cambridge University. He earned his Ph.D. at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Connett taught chemistry and toxicology from 1983-2006 at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. He retired with a full professorship.

In 1996, Connett started to investigate of fluoridation. In 2000, He cofounded FAN. He directed it from 2000-2015. In 20…

Quack Exposed: Dr. Shawn Centers

Dr. Centers is a holistic doctor with a pediatrics and osteopath specialty. He treats his patients at the Children's Hope Center in San Diego, California. Dr. Centers founded the Children's Hope Center in 2016.

He is a clinical professor of Pediatrics at Touro University, Lake Eire College of Osteopathic Medicine, A.T. Still University and other osteopathic colleges in the United States and around the world.

He is the lead author of the Pediatric Chapter of Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine. He considers himself to be a master herbalist, master trainer of neurolinguistics programming and Time Line Therapy, Defeat Autism Now doctor, an expert on essential oil and aromatic medicine, silva ultramind trainer and founding president of the American Academy of Pediatric Osteopathy.

He uses cranial osteopathy combined with the use of biomedical treatments, essential oils, restrictive diets and the use of light and sound. Some equipment he uses includes static sound therapy equipmen…

Quack Exposed: Susan Burdick, LMT

Susan Burdick is the founder and developer of the Restore for Life. Restore for Life is a form of light touch therapy. It is described as a "holistic integrated light touch therapy based on a blend of science and ancient wisdom passed down for centuries. Restore is rooted in knowing how to access and activate the intelligence in your body, enabling it to work efficiently and effortlessly for better overall body function on all levels."

To participate in a workshop, she charges $690. It seems high for someone to learn how to touch someone, especially since light touch can be a sensory nightmare for a lot of autistic people. She travels around the country to teach her therapy to many people.

 She is licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for Bodywork. She has worked at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in NH. She developed a lymphatic restore for people with lymphedema. She has studied many forms of natural health.

She is an approved provider unit for continuing nursing educa…

A Jewish Reaction to an Autistic Child Being Denied First Communion

A few days ago, there was a news article about a little boy being denied the first communion at his Catholic church. It was because he is nonverbal and cannot understand right from wrong.  I am Jewish so, I am not well versed on what first communion is but I know it a rite of passage that children go through.

Just because someone is nonverbal, does not mean they do not understand. I was that nonverbal child until I was 5 years old. I understood more than my family gave me credit for.

The church back-peddled when they received a lot of backlash. It was not a misunderstanding, they got caught.

I am writing this to show that not all religious organizations are like that. The synagogue we belong to has been really accepting of my family.  I married a goy (non-Jew) and he is an accepted member of the congregation. He calls up the rabbi when he ha a real issue that he needs to talk about. My MIL who was a Catholic Italian was welcome there as well. None of my children are typical. I am goi…