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Column: Why did Trump push disinfectant as a cure for the coronavirus? He listens to quacks

Trump Suggested ‘Injecting’ Disinfectant to Cure Coronavirus? We’re Not Surprised

The FDA is Indifferent to Autistic Kids but Is Quick to Act When Typical People Are At Risk

Most people know that myself, Emma Dalmayne, Melissa Eaton and many others have been campaigning against the use of quackery, especially MMS for years. At least 6 years. There have been numerous phone calls, emails, and comments that take ours of work.

We spoke to four office of criminal investigation agents, director of fraud, the Department of Justice, Attorney General office, and many others. They took down the information and that's it. NO ACTION.

For the first time, MMS got the attention of the United States, thanks to the article Melissa Eaton and I were featured in, talking about our hard work. This was the first time we ever went public. We have been working at this for years, behind the scenes and anonymous. This led to a lot of media attention, including being on the Dr. Oz show. This is not why we do it.

The FDA issued a warning against the use of MMS to t…

A Disgraced Ex-Doctor Says He's Behind the Use of Ketamine to 'Cure' a Child with Autism

Quackery Exposed: Essential Oils

What are essential oils? They are compounds extracted from plants. They are obtained through distillation with steam or water or mechanical methods like cold pressing. Essential oils are often used in perfumes, cosmetics, air fresheners, and flavorings. The essential oil is mixed with a carrier oil to make a product that is ready for use. The oil has the plant's taste, scent and "essence." It is used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is considered alternative medicine. The essential oil is to be applied topically, never swallowed.

Misuse of essential oils can cause serious toxicity. There is a misconception that essential oils are natural so therefore they are harmless. This is not true. Essential oils can cause rashes if used on the skin, can be poisonous if swallowed. Aspirating an essential oil can cause pneumonia (fluid in the lungs).

If someone swallows an essential oil or a product containing essential oils, call poison control immediately.
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