Simple Spectrum Saga Part 3 (hopefully the conclusion)

So after that whole fiasco, she tried commenting on the blog post:

I will admit that I was really upset when I received these text messages and I did not cross off the number. When I realized it, I fixed that problem because that was not right.  All the other info I found on Simple Spectrum Supplement's website. Everything else is in the public view. 

We did talk about the abusive practices of ABA and the way she made it seem, I thought she was an ex BCBA. 

For debunking the supplement: you do not need to be a doctor to be able to find out side effects of different supplements and medication. All you need to know is how to read a pharmacological formulary. I looked up all the ingredients in the formulary. It is mostly probiotic as you see in this blog

TACA pushes biomedical cures. They are a very strong supporter of chelation, which has been very harmful. This type of treatment has even killed children. Chelation is based of the thought that vaccines have heavy metals. This is not true. 

Autism Speaks calls autistic women who advocate the C word.  Has told autistic mothers "they should not have bred." No autistic person I know supports either organization. 

I ran a donation report. As I appreciate your donation, our values do not align with one another. This would not be a relationship that would work. I do appreciate you reaching out. I do not hate her but we do not have the same values. If you would like, please request a donation refund from facebook and we would be happy to return it.