Genesis 2 Church is Finally Going Down!

After many years of hard work with Emma Dalmayne, Melissa Eaton and many others MMS is banned in the United States. We have been fighting the poisoning of autistic children with MMS, or chlorine dioxide for years. For years we have been reporting this to the FDA, DOJ and similar agencies. We have also been reporting the parents to CPS for abusing their children with this dangerous substance. For years they refused to take action. The most action they took was a warning on the FDA site, that was only because of autistics and allies not giving up. 

It even made international news last year in May when our NBC News article went viral. 

Since the COVID 19 pandemic affected typical and non disabled people and Genesis 2 church marketed MMS to cure and prevent COVID 19, they took action. They needed to have non disabled people be affected by this poisonous torture. This alone was a punch in the gut.  

In April, the FDA sent a warning letter to Genesis 2 church:

After a period of time G2 ignoring the warning, there was an injunction set forth by a Federal judge here in Miami. There have been numerous court dates that Genesis 2 have not showed. They refuse to comply with restraining orders that ordered them from the sales and distribution of this bleach. 

Yesterday something amazing happened, Genesis 2 was raided. I was alerted when a follower who lives in their local area sent me the local news story. 

Soon the story was picked up by many different outlets:

Made International News! 

After it was on the News, FDA Released this report:

                         Mark Grenon's Reaction to the Raid:

Don't get my wrong, I am ecstatic that this is all happening. Autistic children and vulnerable adults should have mattered to people. My community should have mattered when our children and vulnerable adults alone were being poisoned. It took typical people being affected for any of the authorities to care. 

Autism Speaks, who claims to speak for us, did not get involved in this WHATSOEVER! Where were you when children are being poisoned? You are fine to spend millions of dollars on research that can harm us but what about saving autistic lives? 

*As I see more articles and updates to this, this post will be edited.