Quack Exposed: Spectrum Awakening

What is Spectrum Awakening 

Spectrum Awakening is an online company that sells supplements to parents of neurodivergent children. They are supported by TACA and Autism Hope Alliance. They preach detoxification to treat autism. This company was created by biomedical doctors. 

It was founded by Jared Skowron. He has been working with autistic children and children with ADHD for over 15 years. He specializes in using natural, non pharmaceutical therapies to "support healthy neurological development."He claims that these treatments support language development, calm behavior, normal sensory function, regular sleep patterns, emotional stability and improved memory. 

He also wrote the book "100 Natural Remedies for Your Child."

"At Spectrum Awakening, we create natural nutritional supplements that are specially designed to support normal behavior, focus/attention, moods, language, development, and overall well being for children with Autism and ADHD. Our creations are different from products you typically find at other supplement stores; we developed our natural nutritional supplements through years of careful research to specifically support the needs of children with Autism and ADHD. We use unique dosages and combinations that work synergistically with each other to produce the right results. More than other natural supplements, ours have been designed by physicians that use these products successfully with their kids and families.

"Our mission is to harmonize the developmental and emotional health of children. We strongly believe that helping kids helps the whole family, and we offer natural solutions that support nutritional, mental, and emotional health. We have three core values that bring our mission to life: family, love, and potential. These values have driven the innovation and research needed to create our revolutionary products, and they continue to drive us to create an excellent experience for our customers."

Not only do they sell these supplements, they offer medical visits with a naturopath at Pediatric and Family Center for Natural Medicine, where Jared Skown practices. 

The Products:

These products include a very large amount of supplements. Some of these supplements are more than 40 times what the body is meant to have. The different ingredients have been linked so the side effects of overdose can be seen. 

They also offer laboratory tests for substances that support quack theories like heavy metals. The laboratory is not one that has a reputation for being accurate. If the samples are taken at home, they can also become contaminated and skew the results. 

These products are also expensive. They are conning parents out of money that could go towards therapy and therapeutic supplies for their children. 

Brain Support:

Power and Focus ($54.95)

"Power & Focus is NEW and IMPROVED for 2020! Now containing an 80%/20% ratio of Folinic Acid/Methyl-Folate, an 80%/20% ratio of Hydroxy-B12/Methyl-B12, and Lithium Orotate 5mg. Better than before. Support normal speech and behavior with Power & Focus!"


Vitamin B6 10 mg                 588% of daily recommended value
Folate         1700 mcg DFE   425% of daily recommended value
Vitamin B12 1000 mcg         41666% of daily recommended value
Magnesium     100 mg                24% of daily recommended value

Calm & Cool ($49.95)

"Hyperactive behavior, ADHD, lack of focus, and autism are becoming more and more common in our houses and schools. Kids are impulsive, distracted, seemingly filled with too much energy, and have sleep problems.

This sweet tasting powder can be mixed into any drink or food to support a normal relaxed and calm mood.

The active ingredients: magnesium, inositol, and amino acids combine to maintain a relaxed nervous system to nourish a normal mood and normal sleep patterns."


Magnesium.  75 mg 19% of daily recommended value

Myo-Inositol 2000 mg, there is no daily recommended value 

Taurine          500 mg, there is no daily recommended value

GABA          100 mg, there is no daily recommended value

Pure L-Theanine 50 mg, there is no daily recommended value

Super Serotonin Support ($42.95)

"Children with Autism or ADHD can have low levels of serotonin. Vitamins for serotonin and 5-htp support healthy levels of this brain chemical. Serotonin is an essential brain chemical that makes us feel happy, sleep well, and develop normal language skills. Our great tasting cherry-flavored chewable provides the amino acids necessary for the brain to produce normal levels of serotonin. This, in turn, supports normal mood, sleep, melatonin levels, and language development."

Vitamin B6 4 mg. 200% of daily recommended value
L-Glycine 125 mg. There is no daily recommended value
5 Hydroxy Troptophan. There is no daily recommended value

Attention on the Double ($44.95)

"Need help with focus, concentration, or ADHD? Attention On The Double is a natural amino acid supplement that supports normal production of dopamine. This brain chemical acts as a brain stimulant and helps a child focus, concentrate, and feel motivated. Healthy dopamine levels are associated with good focus, concentration, and our reward system. Without dopamine feeding the brain, people tend to feel anxious and seek input from other sources.

Some children are constantly seeking input. Our ‘sensory-seekers’, those who jump around from couch to couch, kids who love video games and electronics, are attempting to stimulate themselves when they lack their own chemical stimulus of dopamine."


Vitamin C 5 mg 8% of daily recommended value

Iron 2.5mg, 14% of daily recommended value

L-tyrosine, 500 mg, there is no daily recommended value

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 400 mg, there is no daily recommended value

Super Folinic Acid ($44.95)

"Folinic Acid has copious amounts of scientific research to improve language, behavior, motor skills, and other symptoms of autism and developmental delays.

Spectrum Awakening has developed a Super Folinic Acid that includes necessary co-factors for absorption, including Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Choline.

Support normal language, behavior, development, and motor skills by giving your child the vitamins they need.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, and a sweet tasting powder that can be mixed into food and drink."


Vitamin D .25 mcg , 1% of daily recommended value

Folate 1360 mcg DFE, 340% of daily recommended value

Vitamin B12 10 mcg, 416% of daily recommended value

Alpha Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline 46 mg, no daily recommended value

B-Lucious for MTHFR ($59.95)

"Support your MTHFR with B-Licious. MTHFR genetics can affect 50% of people, and even higher numbers in those with autism and ADHD. Nourish your healthy MTHFR function with methylated-B vitamins, including methyl-folate (5-MTHF) and methyl-cobalmin (mB12).

Brain chemicals, such as serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine need activated folate and Vitamin B12 to be produced. These vitamins need to be methylated using the MTHFR gene to function in the brain. Without methylated folate and Vitamin B12, you may experience change in mood, focus, behavior, and a change in development.

Luckily, the answer is easy! Our B-Licious for MTHFR is a great tasting cherry chewable tablet that provides bioactive folate (in the form 5-MTHF or methylfolate) and bioactive Vitamin B12 (in the form of Methyl-Cobalamin).

Support normal brain chemical levels, healthy development, language, and mood with something that’s B-Licious!"


Vitamin B6 2mg, 100% of daily recommended value

Folate, 1000 mcg, 250% of daily recommended value

Vitamin B12 1000 mcg, 16667% of daily recommended value

Panda Bear Powder ($59.95)

"Have you heard of PANDAS or PANS? It is an autoimmune disease that can cause severe tics, seizures, or mood changes after a cold or infection. The inflammation from PANDAS and PANS can last for many months."


Vitamin A 150 mcg RAE, 17% of daily recommended value

Vitamin D3 10 mcg, 50% of daily recommended value

Vitamin K 10 mcg, 8% of daily recommended value

Natural Mixed Tocopherols (vitamin E) 25 mg, no daily recommended value

Palmitoylethanolamide 98% 600 mg, no daily recommended value

Peace of Lithium ($44.95)

"Peace of Lithium is a natural supplement that supports healthy, calm behavior for children. Usually, when you hear the term lithium, you think of the pharmaceutical. Lithium Orotate is actually a mineral. This mineral, similar to calcium and magnesium, is essential for the healthy functioning of the body.

Many children are hyper due to the levels of adrenaline in their brain. Does your child fit the term ‘Fight or Flight’? Our brain naturally removes adrenaline using an enzyme called MAO. The mineral form of lithium supports normal MAO activity and normal removal of adrenaline from the brain."


Vitamin B12 250 mcg, 4167% of daily recommended value

Trimethylglycine 200 mg, no daily recommended value

Lithium 5 mg , no daily recommended value

Pure Fish Oil ($34.95)

Vitamin E 10 IU, 33% of daily recommended value
Fish Oil Concentrate 2400 mg, no daily recommended value
EPA (Eicosapentaeonoic Acid), 720 mg, no daily recommended value
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), 480 mg , no daily recommended value

Melatonin Lozenge ($24.95)

*Side note, melatonin is a valid treatment for insomnia if under a doctor's care. Melatonin from this type of company should not be trusted. Less expensive versions can be found over the counter at your local pharmacy

"Say good-night quickly and safely with Spectrum Awakening’s Melatonin Lozenge."

Melatonin 3mg, no daily recommended value

Yummy Gummy Omega 3 6 9 ($34.95)

"Keep your brain running right with Spectrum Awakening’s Yummy Gummy Omega."
*Side note: 3 and 6 Omega fatty acids are indicated in the Nemechek protocol. Nemecheck was laughed out of the courtroom with no scientific basis to his protocol. 


Vitamin C 20 mg, 22% of daily recommended value
Omega 3 130 mg, no daily recommended value
Omega 6 65mg, no daily recommended value
Omega 9 30 mg, no daily recommended value
DHA, 50mg, no daily recommended value


Shot Support ($59.95)

*Side note: Every drug has side effects. The vaccine reactions are rare. Aluminum has been used in vaccines as an adjutant, a component that boosts immune response to vaccine antigens.  This has been scientifically disproven. In the active ingredients, aluminum is listed. They think they are going to get rid of aluminum and mercury by introducing aluminum? If it does not make sense, its not true. 

"There is a warning on the package: Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated"

"Vaccines have side-effects. Homeopathic supplements for vaccine reactions can help support the body's healing and recovery from them. Detoxifying mercury and aluminum is essential for good development and health. Children with autism and ADHD can have high levels of mercury and aluminum and can be supported with detox supplements.

For example, review this link of side effects of the MMR vaccine from the FDA.

Also, look at our picture from the CDC website. They list severe side effects of the MMR vaccine of seizures and brain damage.

Our opinion is that some of the side effects are triggered by the inactive ingredients, especially neurotoxic substances, such as aluminum and mercury (mercury, also known as thimerosal, has been removed from many vaccines, it is still in the flu shot).

These neurotoxic heavy metals cause damage in the body until they are removed."

Ingredients (12.5% each):

Alumina- another name for aluminum oxide

Aluminum Metallicum- liquid aluminum

Arnica- east asian flower

Calcarea Caustica

Mercurius solublilis




Detox Mineral Replacement ($49.95)

"Minerals are an essential part of our nutrition. Many kids don't get their suggested intake of vegetables everyday, and need nutritional supplementation to maintain good health. 

Certain detox programs also need to supplement minerals which may be removed during the detox process.

Detox Mineral Replacement is a great tasting powder to provide your body with essential minerals that support overall health."

Side note: these detox programs they talk about are MMS, chelation, GcMaf, TRS and many other toxic "cures"


Calcium 50 mg, 5% of daily recommended value

Magnesium 200 mg, 50% of daily recommended value

Zinc 25mg, 166% of daily recommended value

Selenium 250 mcg, 357% of daily recommended value

Copper 2mg, 100% of daily recommended value

Manganese 4.5mg, 225% of daily recommended value

Chromium 400 mcg, 333% of daily recommended value

Molybdenum 500mcg, 667% of daily recommended value

Potassium 100 mg, 3% of daily recommended value

Boron 1mg, no daily recommended value

Vanadium 500 mcg, no daily recommended value

Malic Acid 120 mg, no daily recommended value

Detox Binder-rrific($44.95), Yest/Mold Binder-Mold Detoxification Protocol Step 3 ($49.95)

Detox Binder: 
"Binders adsorb toxic substances and help remove them from the body. Chlorella, the main ingredient in Detox Binder-rrific has been scientifically researched to bind and remove aluminum, mercury, and other toxic substances."

Yeast/Mold Binder: 
"Cleaning up. It seems like that job never ends as a parent, doesn’t it? There’s always toys here, spills there, and chaos reigns supreme. When something spills, we need to clean it up. The same thing applies to our mold detoxification. After we dissolve and delete, we need to discard."

It is the same proprietary blend for both. 

This is a proprietary blend:

Yeast/Mold Binder- Mold Detoxification Protocol Step 3 ($49.95)

"Spectrum Awakening’s Mold Detoxification Protocol Step 2 is our specially formulated enzyme supplement, Delete."


Yeast/Mold Biofilm- Mold Detoxification Protocol Step 1 ($59.95)

"What do you do with a stain on your clothes? What do we do with a spill on our carpet? What does our body do with the foods we eat?

Removing things, whether it’s a stain on our clothes, our carpets, or digesting our food into microscopic pieces, start with dissolving them with enzymes. Enzymes are a unique substances that will take big things and dissolve them into tinier things. The word ‘enzyme’ comes from the Greek word ‘Leavened’. Think of bread rising. The enzymes used in cooking bread convert sugar into air, causing our bread to inflate."

Amylase 2400 DU, no daily value 
Cellulase 80,000 DU, no daily value
Protease 10,000 HUT, no daily value

Grown ups

"Parenting is difficult. It seems to be getting more difficult every generation. As most parents do, we give everything we have to our children. That leaves very little left for us, whether that be energy, happiness, and even our health. Here at Spectrum Awakening, we know the better you are, the more you can help your children. So, it’s time to stop for a minute, and help yourself. Please try some of our supplements. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee on any of our Spectrum Awakening brand supplements. So if you don’t like it, send it back within a month and get a full refund!"

Afternoon Delight ($44.95)

"Eventually, it’s time to enjoy life. Sometimes the stress of life, the stress of parenting, work, family, etc, can suck away our desire for physical enjoyment. Especially as we age, or with excess stress, testosterone levels can decrease. (Both men and women have testosterone, it’s not just a guy thing.) With that decreasing testosterone levels, often our libido decreases. Support a normal testosterone level with Afternoon Delight!"

Standardized eurycoma 100mg, no recommended daily value 

Easy- PEEsy ($59.95)

"Things get bigger as we get older, and for men, that means our prostate. As our prostate swells, it begins to block our urine flow from the bladder to the toilet. This leads to peeing multiple times during the night, BPH, and incomplete voiding of all the urine that’s waiting to get out."

Zinc 20mg, 132 % of daily recommended value
Saw Palmetto Berry Extract 320 mg, no recommended daily value
Pygeum africanum bark extract 100 mg, no recommended daily value
Pumpkin seed oil 160 mg, no recommended daily value
Nettle Root extract 300 mg , no recommended daily value
lycopene 4 mg, no recommended daily value

Heart Beats ($44.95)

"A healthy heart is more than just low cholesterol levels, it is also low inflammation levels. Inflammation of the blood vessels is also associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease independent of cholesterol levels. This inflammation is partially caused by poor lifestyle choices, along with genetic influences, such as MTHFR mutations. These gene mutations can contribute to increasing levels of homocysteine, which is a marker of cardiovascular inflammation."

Niacin (vitamin B3) 25mg, 125% of recommended daily value
Vitamin B6 25 mg, 1250% of recommended daily value
Magnesium 100 mg, 25% of recommended daily value
Chromium 300 mcg, 250%. of recommended daily value
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 500 mg, no recommended daily value
Coenzyme Q10- 50 mg, no recommended daily value
Mixed Tocopherols (gamma, delta, beta, alpha)100 mg, no recommended daily value
Hawthorn Leaf/flower extract 250 mg, no recommended daily value
Hawthorn berry 25 mg, no recommended daily value
Lecithin (soy) 30 mg, no recommended daily value
Black pepper extract 2 mg, no recommended daily value

I'm Sweet Enough ($59.95)

"Diabetes and hypoglycemia affect many people. Did you know a typical can of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar? The processed foods in our society, the restaurant foods, the fast foods, are so flooded with sugar and corn syrup, that it would shock you how many calories we consume that is just sugar. (They’re called empty calories because they provide no other nutrition.)

While sugar gives us an immediate boost of energy, our body craves more nutrition, and we end up eating more sugar, and even more calories all day long. Changing your diet can new difficult! We have habits, we need to grab food on the go, and prepping meals takes many hours."


Biotin 2000 mcg, 6667% of recommended daily value

Zinc 10mg, 91% of recommended daily value

Vanadium 50 mcg, no recommended daily value

Prorietary bled of berberine, Alpha lipoic acid, banaba leaf extract, artichoke leaf, bitter melon concetrate, gymnema sylvestre, milk thistle extract, fenugreek

Let it Grow ($44.95)

"The other day someone told me, “Your gray hair really suits you!” That made me stop for a minute, look in the mirror, and realize… maybe I don’t look like I used to in my 20’s. While true beauty is who we are as a person, and what we contribute to our family and society, it’s also nice to look good on the outside, as well as being good on the inside. Often, due to stress and a poor diet, we lack the nutrients that our body uses to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. Support your body’s outside with Let It Grow! (Are you singing the song from Frozen? I am.)"


Biotin 2000 mcg, 666% of recommended daily value

Calcium rice Amino Acid Chelate 12 mg, 1% of recommended daily value

Zinc Rice Amino Acid Chelate 2.8 mg, 15% of recommended daily value

Selenium 20 mg, 33% of recommended daily value

Copper .16 mg, 12% of recommended daily value

Manganese Rice Chelate 1.2 mg, 41% of recommended daily value

Chromium 40 mcg, 27% of recommended daily value

Molybdenum 80 mcg, 112% of recommended daily value

Boron 80 mcg, no recommended daily value

Vanadium 8 mcg, no recommended daily value

MSM 1400 mg, no recommended daily value

Spirulina 500 mg, no recommended daily value

Camu Camu Fruit 100mg, no recommended daily value

Horsetail 100 mg, no recommended daily value

Klamath blue green algae powder 100 mg, no recommended daily value

Cayenne Powder 40 mg, no recommended daily value

Lipid Dee Doo Dah ($59.95)

"Cardiovascular problems are the leading health concern in the US, and in many other countries. Healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle are important components to maintaining our health, but genetic influences can also affect our cholesterol levels, as well as vascular inflammation that contributes to heart disease and stroke risk.  Red Yeast Rice has been researched heavily for its benefits to support healthy cholesterol levels."


Pixie Dust ($59.95)

"Sweet, sweet, slumber. So often stolen from us by children, pets, stress, or a snoring spouse. While many people have problems falling asleep, many have problems staying asleep. Melatonin is often used to help you fall asleep, but that normally wears off in 4 hours, and you’re awake again in the middle of the night worrying about things or watching infomercial shows again."

Proprietary blend of magnolia officinalis bark, pure L-Theanine and Phellodendron amurense bark. 

Special De-Liver-Y ($39.95)

"It’s a dirty world out there, whether air pollution, pesticides in our foods, or toxins in our water. Our body is constantly removing the bad things, and hopefully we remove them faster than we take them in. These toxins can contribute to chronic illness over time. Support your own body’s natural detoxification pathways (governed mostly by the Liver and Kidney) by taking Special De-LIVER-y."

N-acetyl-L-cysteine 400 mg, no recommended daily value
Dandelion Root Extract 150 mg, no recommended daily value
Milk thistle seed silymarin 100 mg, no recommended daily value
Artichoke leaf extract 100 mg, no recommended daily value
Bupleurum root extract 100 mg, no recommended daily value
Barberry root extract 100 mg, no recommended daily value
Beet root 100 mg, no recommended daily value
Juniper berry extract 100 mg, no recommended daily value
Tumeric extract 100 mg, no recommended daily value
Gentian Root 25 mg, no recommended daily value

Triglycer-RIGHT ($59.95)

"Triglycerides are the main constituent of fat in the body. High levels of triglycerides are associated with cardiovascular disease. A healthy diet is the best way to balance normal triglyceride levels, however, there are genetic influences that may be stronger than a healthy diet."


Vibrant Vision ($49.95)

"The day I turned 40, I feel like my vision jumped off a cliff. I needed to wear cheaters for reading vitamin labels, and I could barely read my computer. As we age, our vision deteriorates, whether this is a combination of changes in our lens and vision focus or changes in our retina that affect the quality of our eyesight (sometimes I feel like I’m watching a movie on VHS instead of Blu-Ray)."

Vitamin A 1000 IU, 40% of daily recommended value
Vitamin C 200 mg, 333% of daily recommended value
Vitamin D3 400 IU, 67% of daily recommended value
Vitamin E 20 IU, 67% of daily recommended value 
Zinc 5 mg, 33% of daily recommended value
Selenium 50 mcg, 72% of daily recommended value
Copper .5 mg, 25% of daily recommended value
Manganese 1 mg, 50% of daily recommended value
Natural Mixed Carotenoids 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Bilberry fruit extract 25 mg, no daily recommended value
citrus bioflavonoids 20 mg, no daily recommended value
L-Cysteine 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Grape seed extract 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Alpha Lipoic acid 10 mg, no daily recommended value
N-acetyl cysteine 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Quercitin 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Taurine 10 mg , no daily recommended value
Ginkgo Biloba extract 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Tumeric rhizome 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Zeaxanthin 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Lutein 10 mg, no daily recommended value
Astaxanthin 6 mg, no daily recommended value
Lycopene 5 mg, no daily recommended value

Wait Negate ($59.95)

"Why do good tasting foods have so many calories? It’s so easy to overeat in our society, which is why the US has a large obesity problem. We all know what we have to do to maintain a healthy weight (yes, healthy eating and exercise, don’t shoot the messenger). Sometimes a little help would be nice."

Garcinia Cambogia 1500 mcg, no daily recommended value
green coffee bean extract 700 mg, no daily recommended value
african mango seed 300 mg, no daily recommended value
Green tea leaf 100 mg, no daily recommended value

Young Joints ($59.95)

"Do you feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz in the morning? Are your knees, hips, shoulders stiff and need some oil? Or maybe, every joint needs some lubrication! The inflammation that occurs in our joints can take away from our enjoyment of the day or even give us trouble when keeping up with our kids or grandkids. A clean diet, void of inflammatory foods can help you move better, but those diets can be hard to maintain. Young Joints can be your answer!"

MSM 1200 mg, no daily recommended value
Glucosamine Sulfate 750 mg, no daily recommended value
Chondroitin Sulphate 225 mg, no daily recommended value
Hyarluronic acid 45 mg, no daily recommended value

Gut Support

These quacks are obsessed with the autistic gut. 

"“You are what you eat,” they always say. However, if your food isn’t digested or absorbed properly, then the “you” part could be in trouble. Our gut health can be a huge factor in our overall health and well being. Issues with digestion and with your gastrointestinal (GI) tract can have profound effects on energy, mental clarity, mood, and sensory functioning.

It’s well known that children with autism often suffer from gut health issues that not only cause physical discomfort but also can exacerbate or even the cause of developmental and behavioral problems. Children with autism often have sensitivities or allergies to common foods, such as dairy products and gluten. While removing these items from your child’s diet can help see improvement, children with autism often have natural deficiencies in normally occurring chemicals and microorganisms that lead to digestive and GI problems.

Spectrum Awakening has you and your child’s gut health covered, with natural supplements that support digestive efficiency, gastrointestinal health, microbiome diversity and the absorption of essential nutrients. Our products are formulated to comprehensive and effective, with safe, specialized doses not commonly found over the counter."

Gut Rest 2 ($64.95)

"Probiotics are essential for healthy digestion, poop, and immune system. Problems with constipation or diarrhea or digestion? Probiotics support a normal digestive tract!

Git Reset 2 has 8 strains of probiotics and a prebiotic. 

Gut Reset 2 is the natural probiotic support that can help children with ASD who experience discomfort due to Gastrointestinal (G.I.) problems. While many families use probiotics for their children, dose matters. A typical capsule of probiotics may contain 1 or 5 billion organisms, but that’s only a drop in the bucket compared to the trillions of organisms in our microbiome and intestines. Imagine licking an aspirin to help a headache, it’s not going to do much good.

Did you know we have 10 times the number of bacteria in our body as we do cells in our body? This is why, dose matters. Our Gut Reset 2 product has 60 billion probiotic organisms per serving. That’s like giving a bottle of probiotics a day! (most probiotics are 1-5 billion per serving). Now that is a dose that will change something. If you want to make a change in your child’s GI health, make it big."


Lactobacillus acidophilus 12 billion cfu, no daily recommended value

Bifidobacterium bifidum 6 billion cfu, no daily recommended value

Lactobacilus rhamnosis 6 billion cfu,  no daily recommended value

Saccharomyces boulardi 6 billion cfu, no daily recommended value

Lactobacillus casei 6 billion CFU, no daily recommended value

Lactobacillus plantarum 6 billion cfu, no daily recommended value

Lactobacillus salviarius 6 billion cfu, no daily recommended value

Bifidobacterium lactis 6 billion cfu, no daily recommended value

Bifidobacterium breve 6 billion cfu, no daily recommended value

Arabinogalactin 70 mg, no daily recommended value

PREbiotic Supreme ($44.95)

"We all know probiotics are the good bacteria in our gut. In fact, we have ten times as many of those as we do cells in our body. These probiotics need food too! Feed them sugar and they get angry and create inflammation. Feed them fiber and they are happy and help maintain normal gut health.

Similar to how certain people live where it's warm in the winter, and live where it's cool in the summer, probiotics live where they get the food they want. Probiotics that feed on simple sugars and carbs create a lot of gut inflammation. Probiotics that feed on fiber create healing chemicals for our intestines, known as Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA).

The more fiber we eat, the better our probiotic status and intestinal health. Certain types of fiber are better than others. PREbiotic Supreme contains the best two fibers for our gut, inulin, and arabinogalactan."


Dietary fiber 4000 mg, 10% of daily recommended value

Arabinogalactin 4000 mg , no daily recommended value

Inulin 1000mg , no daily recommended value

Gut- Immune- Axis ($44.95)

"Leaky gut is common. Caused by a poor diet, imbalanced microbiome, candida, bacteria, parasites, or low probiotic levels, leaky gut can cause abdominal pain, bowel changes, immune dysfunction, mood, and behavioral changes."

L-Glutamine 4967 mg, no daily recommended value
N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine 1000 mgs, no daily recommended value
Marigold flower powder 150 mgs, no daily recommended value
Marshmallow root powder 150 mgs, no daily recommended value
Slippery Elm Powder 150 mgs, no daily recommended value
White oak bark powder 150 mg, no daily recommended value
Ginger root powder 100 mgs, no daily recommended value

Chewable Digestive Enzyme ($24.95)

"Formulated for those who can’t swallow a pill, or are tired of taking too many, this good-tasting enzyme can be taken with meals to support healthy digestion of food."

Papain enzyme 15 mg, no daily recommended value
Alpha amaylase enzyme 2 mg, no daily recommended value
Protease enzyme 2 mg, no daily recommended value

Gluten Digestive Enzyme ($44.95)

"Want help digesting gluten? Try Spectrum Awakening’s Gluten Digestive Enzyme. Formulated specifically to support your own body’s natural digestion of gluten, you might be able to have your cake and eat it too! Poor gluten digestion can often create digestive complaints, bowel changes, and foggy brain."

Gluten Enzyme Formula 850 mg, no recommended daily value
Strong Acid Protease 75,000 HUT, no recommended daily value
DPPzyme IV blend:
Amylase I FCC 10,695 DU, no recommended daily value
Amylase II FCC 6,150 BAU, no recommended daily value 
Gluoamylase FCC 15.5 AGU, no recommended daily value
Cellulase FCC 520 CU, no recommended daily value
FloraFit 3 mg, no daily recommended value
Fiber Aid Arabinogalactans 10 mg, no daily recommended value
FOS 10 mg, no daily recommended value


Temper Tamer ($49.95)

This is a supplement for meltdowns. Instead of doing the right thing by altering the environment and eliminating triggers, they say to add yet another supplement. 

"Does your child have excessive temper tantrums or transitional anxiety? Vitamins for temper support normal levels of cortisol. Many of us have heard about our ‘stress hormone’ called cortisol. This hormone is often altered in our children. We can tell because they can’t handle any type of stress. Now, stress for a child may be doing a therapy they don’t want to do, or stopping the TV or their electronics. It may be school or social situations or transitions. If any of these puts your child into ‘Fight or Flight’ mode, try our Temper Tamer.

Supporting normal levels of your stress hormone, cortisol, will let you have a healthy stress response. No more hour long temper tantrums! Imagine an easy transition from one activity to another. Sound impossible? It isn’t, with Temper Tamer."

Licorice Root extract 200 mg, no daily recommended value
Ashwaganda 200 mg, no daily recommended value
Maca Root Extract 150 mg, no daily recommended value
Skullcap 100mg, no daily recommended value
Panax Ginseng 25 mg, no daily recommended value

Sanity Saver ($59.95)

"Having problems with transitions or temper? Vitamins for temper tantrums and anxiety support healthy levels of cortisol. Stress affects your cortisol level and eventually makes you feel like you can’t handle life anymore. Add together your kids, your job, your spouse, your family, and everything else that life puts on you, it’s OK to have a little support.

Sanity Saver supports healthy adrenal and cortisol function so you can handle more through the day, and save a little bit of your sanity."


Adrenal Cortex 1000 mg, no recommended daily value

Io-Dine-Omyte ($29.95)

"Thyroid function is essential for normal development. Thyroid levels are often overlooked in children; however, they are a huge component in maintaining a healthy mood and energy level. Hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, or low iodine levels can be problems with thyroid hormone function. While many children’s mood can be supported naturally with supplements to maintain normal cortisol levels (see Temper Tamer & Sanity Saver), some children also need natural thyroid support.

Io-Dine-Omyte is an all-natural thyroid hormone support supplement. Containing the essential nutrients to support healthy thyroid function, Io-Dine-Omyte helps your thyroid function normally!

Iodine is the most important mineral for the thyroid, and Iodized salt is a great dietary source of Iodine. However, many people are now using sea salt, and most sea salts do NOT contain Iodine! Your body needs Iodine for normal thyroid function. Each capsule of Io-Dine-Omyte has a healthy dose of 3mg of Iodine to help your thyroid."


Vitamin C 250 mg, 416% of recommended daily value

Iodine 3000 mcg, 2000% of recommended daily value

Magnesium 50 mg, 13% of recommended daily value

Zinc 3.75 mg, 25% of daily recommended daily value 

Selenium 15 mcg, 21% of daily recommended daily value

Manganese .6 mg, 30% of daily recommended daily value

Pregnenolone Calm ($34.95)

"Does your child have excessive temper tantrums or transitional anxiety? This could be associated with a low cholesterol and low pregnenolone level. Pregnenolone produces most of our hormones, including cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Support your child's normal levels of hormones with Pregenenolone Calm! 

Ready to see a child happier and calmer? Support them naturally!"


Lecithin 100 mg, no recemmended daily value

Pregnelone 30 mg, no daily recommended value


Mitocondria ATP

"Mitochondria are an often-overlooked part of the body when it comes to normal development. The brain utilizes massive amounts of energy when children are young to develop healthy language and mood. The digestive system also uses large amounts of energy to move food through the intestines, and move poop out the back end.

While many mitochondria vitamin supplements exist, such as CoQ10 and carnitine, these are nutritional support for mitochondria to function. However, ATP is the final product of energy that the mitochondria produce, and you can give it directly to your body in our unique mitochondrial ATP supplement!"


Calcium 70 mg, 7% of recommended daily value

Magnesium 30 mg, 8% of recommended daily value

Adenosine Triphosphate 60 mg, no recommended daily value

Mito Carnitine ($39.95)

"Mito Carnitine is our NEW mitochondrial supplement for those who cannot tolerate B vitamins.  It contains 600mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine and 100mg DHA per capsule. Compare to Spectrum Needs which contains 125mg Carnitine per scoop and contains methylated B vitamins. This product currently replaces Mitochondria ATP, which remains out of stock."


Acetyl-L-Carnitine 600 mg

DHA 100 mg

Nutritional Support

Histamine- C ($46.95)

"High-Quality Vitamin C supports healthy skin, sleep, immune system, and normal allergy reactions. Choose your favorite! Capsules, Chewable Tablets, Powder, or Liposomal!"

Vitamin C 1260 mg, 2100% of daily recommended value
Citrus Bioflavonoids 1200 mg, no daily recommended value
Acerola Fruit Standardized 350 mg, no daily recommended value
Rose Hips 250 mg, no daily recommended value
Grape Skin Extract 20 mg, no daily recommended value
Green Tea Extract 20 mg, no daily recommended value
Red wine extract 20 mg, no daily recommended value
Pine Bark extract 20 mg, no daily recommended value

Mag-POW ($34.95)

"Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for the nervous system. Maintain your daily intake with this great tasting sweet powder."

Magnesium 208 mcg, 52% of daily recommended value

BOOM-berry MultiVitamin Capsule ($39.95)

The ingredient list for this supplement is not legible. 

Spectrum Shake- Chocolate and Vanilla

Does your child eat enough protein? A child should eat between 20-50grams per day. Get 15 grams of GF/DF/soy-free protein AND a multivitamin in our great tasting shake.

This ingredient list is not legible either. 

Elderberry Immune - Organic ($49.95)

"Elderberry is a great tasting herb that supports healthy immune function. Great for kids, it will help during those fall and winter months."

Elderberry fruit 6.4 grams, 2% of daily value

Sunshine Vitamin D

"Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins and one of the most commonly deficient vitamins in our bodies. Support normal vitamin D levels with Sunshine Vitamin D"

Vitamin D3 2000 IU, 500% of daily recommended value
Vitamin K2 75 mcg, 94% of daily recommended value