Counter Rebuttal to Simple Spectrum Supplement

After some time on google, I came across this from Simple Spectrum Supplement. It seems like my analysis has struck a nerve. I am going to break it apart by paragraph. 

Dear readers,

We'd like to start off by saying I think we have very similar missions educating families/ people. We started this company because the supplement world was so unregulated. We agree with you that there’s a lot of scary treatment options out there that are quite harmful to say the least and thank you for your time and dedication to these matters! I do think you have us pinned wrong though. This is why we were so passionate about creating a higher quality supplement. Our supplement is not a gummy but unflavored dissolvable powder because that is much more bioavailable and not full of sugars.

They say we have similar missions. Our mission is to support autistics as they are without trying to change them. They want to sell as much as their supplement as possible without consulting an actual doctor. They admit its unregulated because its a treatment. 

We based our product off of research like this.

This study pathologizing stimming by calling it "repetitive behaviors." They ignore the fact that we stim to self regulate. Why would anyone want to stop autistics from stimming when it keeps us regulated. We do not need to become neurotypical. Remember that correlation does not equal causation. There are also many comorbid conditions that autistics are more likely to have. Before doing anything with any supplement, consult your doctor. I cannot stress this enough. 

This is a closed access study but luckily the college I graduated from allowed me access. It is published in Sage Journal. The first phase of this study took place at Duke University. Why is this important? They inject umbilical cord blood into autistic toddlers to "improve behavior." Duke University is known for experimenting on autistic children. One example is injecting umbilical cord blood to try to "improve" their autism. 

Not only did the study take place at Duke University, they took their data using parent report interviews and questionnaires. That is anecdotal evidence with no scientific basis. 

Simple Spectrum Supplement is mentioned nowhere in this study. 

Study is closed access but I downloaded it and it can be found Here

Nutrition is very important for anyone! We want people to feel the best and be the best version of themself. Supplementation is great for everyone! Our supplement is designed for anyone that might not be getting the best nutrition and is looking to supplement- often seen in our picky eaters with sensory issues. 

They say its great for everyone. They do not tell people to have bloodwork done at their doctor's office to make sure they are deficient in what they are selling. They do encourage people to take it blindly. 

We are just trying to put a better supplement out on the market. We understand it’s not always realistic to get your child to take multiple products so it was important for us to create an all in one.

They are treating all autistics as a one size fits all approach. We are all different with different co morbidities. Doctors should always be consulted first. 

 Our supplement is just the highest quality vitamins and minerals in the most bioavailable forms and nothing else- it’s really how all supplements should be! Our mission was to create the kind of nutraceutical supplement we wanted to see available, based on the latest scientific research and free from the extraneous additives packed into so many similar products on the market. 

They fail to say that their "science" is based on functional medicine

We are really trying to change the supplement world and standards by doing things such as third party test (which isn’t the norm but definitely should be), which is why we are working diligently to get insurance to reimburse and have been successful in some cases! We want Insurance to understand how important nutrition is and possible nutrient deficits. 

Insurance does not pay for supplements because it is unregulated by the FDA. 

Simple Spectrum is the highest quality vitamins and minerals in the best forms (most bioavailable) and nothing else! Our supplement provides the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system with extra support for individuals with autism by addressing potential dietary deficits (often seen in children with autism due to picky eating habits and sensory issues) 

Again this needs to be evaluated by a doctor, not just given blindly without knowing what is deficient in the individual's body. 

Our supplement is a high grade nutraceutical typically found in doctors offices. Only the highest quality quality vitamins and minerals are used in our formula- methylated active forms and truly amino acid chelated from reputable country of origins, rigorously 3rd party tested with the highest bio availability and made in the United States. There really isn’t anything like this out on the market at this time other than in clinicians offices and they end up selling our exact product for triple the cost. 

They keep on repeating their supplement is the highest quality. I do not doubt the quality of their supplement. I do stress the importance of being assessed by a doctor to make sure there is a deficiency in a particular vitamin or mineral. Having a combined supplement is not ideal. 

We sell to clinicians offices around the world but they end up selling our product for much more and our goal is to go straight to families and really save them the cost! Simple Spectrum was designed with our kids with sensory needs in mind and is an unflavored dissolvable powder without gluten, casein, added sugar, soy, binding agents, artificial colors, preservatives, GMOs and dairy. We are so passionate about this product and getting our kiddos the best possible nutrition!

They did make it into a dissolvable powder that does take sensory needs into consideration BUT they do perpetuate the myth of Gluten Free and Casein free diets

We understand that you might not support us due to the use of the puzzle piece and it’s negativity (we don’t think of it as a hate symbol like you do but use it to signify filling nutritional gaps) We Love supporting groups like Autism Speaks, TACA and AHA. We also love supporting those in the autistic community like you but not those that attack businesses that they don’t even know or understand. We understand you don’t like ABA and one of our owners is a BCBA but all ABA is not bad. ABA deals with the principles of reinforcement and is great for any child! We agree with you and there is some bad ABA that can be very robotic- we are all about using a child’s motivation and play therapy!

They understand we don't support them due to use of the puzzle piece and negativity. They dismiss us by saying that they don't see it as a hate symbol. They go on to say they support Autism Speaks, TACA and Autism Hope Alliance. They also are ABA apologists by saying ABA is not "all bad." How dismissive. 

These people do not know me and do not know what I understand or what I don't understand. Remember what happens when you assume. It is not an attack when I use real scientific sources to find my information and not from functional medicine which has been proven to be quackery. 

If someone does have any questions or concerns about our product we recommend speaking with your child’s pediatrician who knows them best and not a blogger😃 We are mainly sold in clinicians offices and were at MAPS (Medical Association Pediatric Special Needs). Most clinicians love our product!

Yes always consult your child's pedestrian. I am a blogger but with medical background. I always say to consult your child's pediatrician first. They can effectively evaluate if you are deficient in something. DO not supplement blindly, it can have dangerous consequences.

They admit they are at MAPS. MAPS pushes chelation and other forms of quackery.