Quack exposed: Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing

In 1996, Jim Humble, a former scientologist,  claimed to discover MMS while mining for gold in the jungles of South America. He claimed that it cured malaria (this is not true). After some time, he invited a missionary group to Africa where he experiments with MMs on the locals there. Hex poisoned over 5,000 people there. 

He also claims he is a G-d from the Andromeda galaxy. "And then I asked to be put in the part of the space navy that watched over the Earth," Humble said. 

In 2010 Jim Humble and Mark Grenon founded the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. The both of them are self styled Archbishops of their made up church. They did this so they could distribute MMS more easily. They needed to found a church because the mainstream medical community relies on fact and not anecdotal evidence. He lists MMS as a religious sacrament so it is harder to prosecute. He even said that it has nothing to do with religion. He co-founded the Genesis 2 church to "legalize the use of MMS" and avoid getting caught. 

Their main idea is that chlorine dioxide can kill pathogens in the body that causes illnesses. They say it should be ingested every day to maintain health. 

They set up shop in Bradenton, Florida out of their home. It is not an actual church. They say that Genesis 2 is a non religious church that was founded to create a legal structure to protect Jim Humble's teachings. They do not claim to serve G-d. They serve humankind. They do reference Bible quotes throughout the website (not active anymore)

They chose the name Genesis 2 to reference a new beginning. This is related to their goal of restoring health and removing humans from the current "world of death" to the "world of living."Thier members and website suggest to help people, they must spread the "knowledge" of MMS. They maintain the belief that "big pharma" has a coverup happening related to MMS. They claim that MMS is safe for everyone. 

The members carry around a card that says:

“This card signifies that this member of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing has the God-given, unalienable right to control and maintain their personal health. All members are exempt from any means not chosen, including but not limited to: vaccinations, medications, X-rays, scans, implants, mandatory voting, and health insurance mandated by a human government or authority.”

Several times a year, G2 held seminars on how to use MMS and a group of people would be certified in bleach in just a short weekend. They also had weekly 1 hour podcasts complaining about how everyone is out the get them. Mark Grenon claims to have been a Boy Scout. Scouts does not teach what he does. 

In the News

In 2009 an American woman had taken MMS to prevent malaria on a cruise. The authorities found that the cause of death was undetermined so this fueled G2 to claim no one ever died from MMS. She died hours after taking this dangerous substance. 

In 2019, NBC ran an article about mothers in the United States and the UK. fighting MMS being used on autistic children and vulnerable adults. It features G2 and their role in the poisoning of children. This article was the 2nd most read online article by NBC in 2019. This article raised a lot of awareness around this issue. It even warranted a Dr. Oz appearance:

The FDA issued a warning in August of 2019, but did not take any other action. This only effected disabled kids after all. 


The the global pandemic happened. Since G2 says MMS is the miracle cure for everything, they simply could not help themselves! They claimed that MMS cured and prevented COVID 19. This caught the FDA's attention. When it affected able bodied adults, they suddenly cared. 

The FDA sent G2 a warning letter:

After ignored temporary injunctions and court appearances, the FDA raided the Grenon's residence. There were Federal charges filed against Mark Grenon and his 3 adult sons. After a search warrant was executed, they recovered:

50 gallons of muriatic acid
22 gallons of miracle mineral solution
8,300 pounds of sodium chlorite. 

Two of the Grenon sons were arrested and the other two were hiding in Columbia.

Mark Grenon's Reaction after the raid:

Not long after this, Grenon and his other son were arrested in Columbia. All the people involved are currently in jail under marshall hold. They are currently still awaiting a court date in jail. I plan on being at court since I only live 2 hours away from the court house!