Bleacher Exposed: Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson

Many people know Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson is most well known for playing the Hispanic mother in law in Dhar Mann videos that go viral on social media. They are inspiration porn but this blog isn't about his videos, directly. He says he stands for morality but has an immoral actor working for him. I hope he is just unaware of what his employee is doing. I have emailed his studio and asked for a prompt response. It has been about a week and not a word from them. Media said she isn't popular enough for them to do a story on her so here we are. 

Not only is she an actress but she is also a bleacher. You read that right, a bleacher. I first saw her in a Genesis 2 video about vagina bugs. 

She talks about being diagnosed with HPV and the doctors not telling her. She talks about treating herself with MMS. She has been advocating for the use of MMS since this was posted in May 2019. Its posted here so they do not get any more views. 

After the Grenons were arrested, she started a Go Fund Me for them. After it was reported, it was taken down. The link to the PDF screen shot is below. She raised over $11,000!

When the GoFundMe was taken down, she tried posting a fundraiser elsewhere.

She has been seen promoting MMS all over the internet

Update Since Contacting Dhar Mann Studios

Soon after I typed this blog, I sent a message directly to Dharm Mann Studios detailing what Lamboy-Wilson's connection was to the bleach cult and what she has been doing. I had not gotten any emails back BUT she has not appeared in any Dhar Mann videos. I do not know if she is still working for them but she has not been in any videos since then. 


  1. TW: Holocaust, Bleacher mention etc

    Sadly she has still appeared in Dhar mann Videos.

    and a few others that she has still appeared in. She still appears in Dhar Mann videos.

    Also I would like your input on an article that I made

    I did get input from a Romani person and she approved but I also want to get input from numerous minority groups in case there was something I missed.


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