Every since I was a little kid, I was constantly being told to stop saving the world. i wanted to help anything I saw needed help. It did not matter what. I used to get punished for it as a kid. Even as I started advocating and being an activist, I was told that I should stop trying to save the world. I don't make a difference. 

This is for new advocates, don't let anyone stop you from fighting for justice, keep on fighting. You know in your heart you are making a difference. You will see results, just be patient. 

I never told anyone this but when I went on @dr_oz and I was doing the show, during a commercial break, one of the audience members thanked me for what I do. That still effects me to this day. Keep on doing what you are doing and fight for what is right. {img description: purple and pink sky background with white outline hands and script text that says: When people tell you to stop saving the world, don't listen. Keep advocating for justice} #fiercequotes

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