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Not Raingirl

Yesterday at 11:35 PM

Preach!!!!!!! Just because ABA might not be right

for your family does not mean it's abusive and so

on! Same goes with if you had a bad

experience with ABA it does not mean every ABA

experience is bad like a lot of things it comes

down to the person teaching it when you find a

person you can click with then you will find

everything will start co... See More

The Autism Cafe

Yesterday at 4:08 PM

ABA therapy is not abusive. It's not ableist, nor

is it conversion therapy, either.

Our autistic children don't do ABA therapy from

some misplaced pa... See More

commented: You are a

danger to the autism community.

Stop abusing your son, accept your

son. Horrible 10m

Just because ABA "worked" to make

your child more normal doesn't mean

that it's not ABUSE. #ABAISAbuse


ABA is conversion therapy for autistic


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