Recommended Facebook Pages and Groups

I will add to this list as I see more pages that are Ausome
Fierce Autistics and Allies
Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM
The Creative Autistic
Autistic UK
In the Loop About Neurodiversity
Neurodiversity for Music Therapists
Neurodivergent Rebel
Agony Autie
The Autistic Cooperative
International Badass Activists
Blooming with Autism Inc
Fierce Autistics and Allies
Autistic Allies
Actually Autistic Adults and Allies
Crimson Âû
Autistic creativity
Autistic Warrior
I'm autistic, not a puzzle
A4A: Public Page
Labels Go On Soup Cans, Autism Is A Diagnosis. Leah Taylor Official.
AUsome Ireland
Autistic Not Weird
Identity-First Autistic
Autistic Pride Alliance
The Aspergian
The Neurodivergent Teacher
Differently Wired
Do I look autistic yet?
The Autistic Wolf
The Autistic Advocate
Autistic Bride
Kristy Forbes - Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist
Rainbow Road: One Autistic Woman’s Journey Through Life
Siobhan's Amazing Autism Acceptance
Âûtistic News Feed
Lydia X. Z. Brown - Autistic Hoya
My Unique Journey / Retrophiliac
Yenn Purkis' Autism Books and Other Things.
Unstrange Mind
The Daily Spectrum
The Liberation of Nurodiversity
The Napkin Pope
Jewggalo News & Politics
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Autistic On Wheels
Autistic Law Student
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
Diary of a Mom
Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network
Yes, That Too
We Are Like Your Child
Geek Club Books
Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library
Foundations for Divergent Minds
Spectrum Women
Spectrum Strong
Neurodiversity Goddess
Parenting Autistic Children with Love & Acceptance
Ask An Autistic
Autistic Memes
Autistics United Nova Scotia - Wabanaki Confederacy & Mi’kmaq Territory
Autistics and Allies Against ABA Ireland
Autistics United Canada
Yellow Ladybugs, Autistic Girls & Women
Autistic Women's Association
Seasons of Autism (please show her some love. she is one of the GOOD parent pages, she shares the same values)
Eastbourne Aspergers Support Group
Aut in Sight Aut in Mind
Autistic, Typing
Actually Autistic Adults and Allies - Public Page
The Classy Aspie
Christian's voice our journey ASD /SPD (a NT parent who GETS IT)
Autism is my Identity Not a Disease
Autism Goggles
Autistic Women's Association Autistic Woman Aspergers ASD Autistic Women Aspie Women
Not an Autism Mom
Reframing Autism
Color the World for Autism Acceptance
Kristy Forbes: Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist
Neurodiversity Support and Autism Advocacy
The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
Spectrum Women
Boycott Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks Does Not Speak for Me
Red Instead
ABA Controversy Autism Discussion UK
I've Been Autistic All Along?
The Black Autist
Autistic Advocate
Actually Autistic
Autistic Mama
Autistic Zebra
Amythest Schaber
I am Autistic
An Articulate Autistic
Better Ways Than ABA
You Know You are Autistic When
The Autistic Executive
Autistic Disney
Autistic Grandma
Autistic & Cheerful
Autistic Nerd
Ausomely Autistic
Autistic Screeching
Autistic Q&A
Nikki the Autistic CYCP
Autistic Me
Autistic Gaming Initiative
The Autistic Beekeeper
Autistic Pride Mumma
Autistic Gold
Perfectly Autistic
Actually Auitistic
Autistic Sound Records
Nora- The Self Aware Autistic
My Autistic Journey
Autistic Pride Alliance
Autistic Guide to Facebook
Autistic Memes for Autistic Teens
Our Autistic Voices
Autistic Minimalist
Intellegent Autistic Media
Buy Autistic Directory
Autistic Summit
Keen Valley Autistic Network
Autistic Minority International
AA- Actually Autistic
The MacDonald Autistic Pride and Neurodivergent Lending Library
Autistic Hook's Ramblings
Kayla Smith
Actually Autistic Blog List
Autistics Against Curing Autism
Not Quite Right: Autistic and Proud
Autistic, Crazy, Dog Lady and Proud
Keepin it Autistic
The Autistic Parent
Neurodivergent Labour
Munster Model of Autistic Living
Autistic Problems
The Autistic Captioner
Unapologetically Autistic
Autistic Questions
Said No Autistic
My Autistic Dance
The Goth Autie
Autie, Me and my ADHD
Lyndian's Autie Meme Therapy
Superchiquitita vs El-Capacitismo Diario Superbabe vs Daily Ableism
Giraffe Party
Edge of the Playground
Autistically Alex
Autistic Me
Autistic and Unapologetic
Its An Autism thing, I'll Help You Understand it by Emma Dalmaynne
CLE Autistes
Autistic Queer Asexual
Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand
SLP Neurodiversity Collective
Erin Human
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
Paper Boat Autism Acceptance Library
Autism and Neurodiversity in the Classroom
Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library
Parenting Autistic Children With Love Acceptance
A Diary of a Mom
Autistic Seka
Odd Fiction's Oddly Autistic Life
Planet Autistic
Warning I Only Look Neurotypical
Awakened Neurodivergence
Love and Autism
Changing The Narrative About Autism And PDA
Living and Blooming with Autism
Autism and Helping Rainbows
The AWEnesty Of Autism
Autism Doesn't Come with Instructions
Growing Up Unique: Autism Through a Child's Eyes
H2Au-The Stuff of Our Life
Just Keep On Stimming
The AWAKE Project
The Autistic Path
Resilient Chameleon-Authentically Autistic
Not NT At All
Gaming with Bub
Autism Inclusivity
That Ausome Book Club
Autistic Culinary Club
Ask Me, I'm Autistic (24 hour rule)
Ask me, I',m an AAC user (24 hour rule)
Embracing Autism
Neuro Magenta
Neurodiversity Advocacy Tribe
Autistics Worldwide
Autistic Allies
The Neurodiversity Group
I'm Autistic, Not a Puzzle
Not As Brave As Autism Warrior Moms
Fierce Autistic and Allies
Autistic Women Support
Autistics and Families
Every Autistic
Neurodiversity Allies
Actually Autistic Adults
Neurodiversity UK
Autistic Warriors
The Sanctuary (A Safe Space for Autistic Mothers)
Sounds Like You Hate Autistic People, But OK
The Aspergian Has an Article for That
Autistic Women
Ban CD/MMS as Autism Therapy
Autistic Musicians and Allies
Autism Speaks is a Hate Group
Autistics Coming Together
Made by Autistics Community
Light it Gold
Life is Beautiful. Autism Acceptance
The Ableds are at it Again
Aspie Girl: A Closed Encounter
Sensory Friendly Autism Acceptance Group
Woo Free Neurodiversity
Not Locked In- Autistics Against Caudwell
Actually Autistic Parenting
Autistic Empaths
Non Neurotypicals
Autistic Self Advocacy
Autistic Advocacy
Supporty McGroup Face
Autistics, Allies and Families
Sweary Autistics and Sweary Allies
I'm Autistic and I'm Going to Kick Somebody's Ass
Everything McElse Face
Autistic Special Interest Group
International Badass Activists
Autism Spectrum Late Diagnosis
Take Down the Genesis II Church
Autistic Womans Alliance
People Against Kerri Rivera
Neurodiversity Circle
Autistic Allies in Education
Fuck Autism Speaks
Autistic Mums Pokemon Go Group
Oddly Divergent
Oddly Autistic
Our Beautiful Random Thoughts
Autistic Time
Chattanooga Neurodiversity Alliance
Autistic Women Support Group| LGBTQ+ Inclusive| Safe Place
Autistic Photographers
This is So Stimmy and I Love It