Wives of Aspies Raw and Uncut reciepts


Something that used to drive me bonkers was hubby being nosy about other people's business. OMG He never shuts up

who else needs to find coping mechanism to deal with the unfairness of all this.
I find a lot of this is truely unfair. Why did I have to sacrifice my health, my emotions, my time to someone who hurt me so much and most likely not even thinking a second thought about it. 
I mean for fucks sake. The resentment will probably kill be before anything else does. 
Anyone in therapy?

How many times has your Aspie apologised to you SINCERELY, for what, and how do you get them to admit they're wrong?

My husband put motor oil in a good Tupperware and thinks I'm overreacting. 
*pounds head against the wall*

Is it possible we stay with Aspie partners bcuz we like the challenge

Is anyone else's Aspie hoarder